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Interactive Directions for Holding Locations in a Library OPAC
(also called "Dynamic Mapping")


Mallory, Erik, Deng, Sai & Deyoe, Nancy (2008). Simplified dynamic map administration. Ex-Libris Southcentral Users Group (ELSUG) Meeting 2008, Wichita, KS, Oct. 10, 2008. Available at: http://soar.wichita.edu/dspace/handle/10057/1574

Deyoe, Nancy, Deng, Sai & Malloy, Erik (2007). Dynamic mapping in the library. SCVUGM (South Central Voyager User Group Meeting). Stillwater, OK. Oct. 19, 2007. Available at: http://soar.wichita.edu/dspace/handle/10057/1248

Li, Hongfei, Deyoe, Nancy & Deng, Sai (2007). Dynamic map display in WebVoyage. Voyager EndUser Group Meeting 2007, Schaumburg, IL. Apr. 26, 2007. Available at: http://soar.wichita.edu/dspace/handle/10057/1245


Deng, Sai, Li, Hongfei & Deyoe, Nancy (2007). Interactive directions for holding locations in a library OPAC. Refereed poster session at ALA (American Library Association) Annual Conference 2007. Washington DC. June 23, 2007. Available at: http://soar.wichita.edu/dspace/handle/10057/1247


Li, Hongfei & Deng, Sai (2008). Linking location and shelf mapping from OPAC search results: with reference to Wichita State University. New Library World. P. 107 – 116, Volume: 109, Issue: 3/4, 2008. Emerald Group Publishing Limited. URL: http://www.emeraldinsight.com/10.1108/03074800810857577 Also available at: http://soar.wichita.edu/dspace/handle/10057/1253

Li, Hongfei, Deng, Sai, & Deyoe, Nancy (2007). Dynamic map display in web OPAC: an experiment at Wichita State University Libraries. Chinese Librarianship: an International Electronic Journal, 24. URL: http://www.iclc.us/cliej/cl24LDD.htm

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