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Dynamic 3D Maps at WSU Libraries

Dynamic Mapping Program (New Version)

Dynamic 3D Maps at Wichita State University (WSU) Libraries provides a point-to-point mapping of locations and call no. ranges to animated 3D shelving maps. They aim to improve our users’ experiences in locating library materials and engage “the Google generation of students” or “the video game generation of students”.

After a user initiates a search in OPAC, on the search results display of each record, a corresponding 3D shelving map can be retrieved by clicking the “Map Direction: Find Where It Is” label.

Dynamic 3D Map Showcase

I. A Live example featuring call no. RC on Lower Floor (RC example)

See frames below. The frames show that the student starts walking beside the stairs, walking, and arriving at call no. RC area.

RC map selected frame 1
RC map selected frame 2 RC map selected frame 3

II. A live example featuring Government Documents on Main Floor
(Gov Docs example)

Government Documents location printscreen

III. A live example featuring call no. PZ on Second Floor (PZ example)

PZ location printscreen

IV. A live example featuring Folio Collection on Third Floor (Folio example)

Oversized Books location printscreen

Dynamic Mapping Project Description and More Examples

Dynamic mapping program at WSU can display materials shelved/ not shelved by LC class number, holdings with Multiple Maps, Electronic Resources, oversized books, Branch Libraries and Google embedded map of Wichita Art Musuem.


Dynamic mapping new version is available for download (in .war).