ALCTS CCS Cataloging Norms Discussion Group 


                                            ALA Midwinter, January 20, 2007, Seattle, WA

                                                 Terry Reese (Oregon State University)                                                

                                                                            Translating ETD from DSpace OAI to MARC        

                                                Lai-Ying Hsiung. (University of California, Santa Cruz)

                                                       What is a Number? its increasing relevance in the online environment (pdf)

                                                         Casey Bisson (Plymouth State University)                                              

                                                                         Metadata and Faceted Searching: An Implementation Report Based on WPopac

                                            ALA Annual, June 23, 2007, Washington, DC                                             

                                             Jackie Shieh (University of Michigan)   

                                            Designing Workflows That Meet Local Needs            

                                                    Melanie Feltner-Reichert and Marielle Veve (University of Tennessee)

                                   Integrating Non-MARC Metadata into a Traditional Technical Services Department

                                            Charley Pennell and Kristin Antelman (North Carolina State University)

                                                           Library 1.1