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Staff Directory

Cataloging and Metadata Services 978-3580
Nancy Deyoe Associate Professor, Coordinator of Cataloging and Metadata Services 978-5140
Sai Deng Assistant Professor, Metadata Cataloger 978-5138
Susan Matveyeva Assistant Professor, Catalog Librarian 978-5139
Mary Walker Assistant Professor, Electronic Resources Librarian 978-5792
Laurie Allen Library Assistant I, Monographs 978-5786
Connie Basquez Library Assistant III, Monographs 978-5014
George Corbin Library Assistant II, Music and Media 978-5254
Diane Diaz Library Assistant II, Monographs 978-5790
Judy Lewis Library Assistant, Serials 978-5787
Beverly Henline Library Assistant III, Serials 978-5785
Sandy Oswald Library Assistant III, Government Documents 978-5789