Wichita State University Libraries Information System

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Printed monographs and serials

We create records for all acquired and donated monographs, serials, and periodicals. Our staff catalog books and journals in all subjects, non-fiction and fiction, in English and all major foreign languages and scripts, including Cyrillic and Chinese. We do not catalog materials in Hebrew, or Arabic.

The library participates in international cataloging cooperative OCLC as a full member. Our copy catalogers export bibliographic records from WorldCat database and adapt them for local needs. WSU professional catalogers create original MARC and Dublin Core records in WorldCat staff interface Connexion.

Scores and media

To support curriculum, performances, and research of School of Music, staff catalog scores, music sheets, sound and video recordings. We describe and provide access to the old media formats, such as LPs, or magnetic tapes as well as to the new media formats, for example, DVDs. If score, or sound recording includes more than one title, we include all these titles into bibliographic record, to make user able to find part, piece, or song they are looking for.

Also, we catalog non-musical sound recording and videos for all other colleges, schools, and departments.

Microforms, Government Documents, and Maps

The catalog includes records for microfilms, microfiches, and microcards.

Electronic Resources

The Library collection includes direct (CDs) and remote access (ebooks, e-journals and e-databases) electronic resources.

Staff catalog all CDs (single, sets, or accompanying materials to books, or scores).

Records for Net=Library's ebooks are provided by vendors. Our responsibilities are quality control, maintenance, and enhancements for these records.

Until 2005, all electronic journals were cataloged in house, but we stopped doing it after the Library purchased Serials Solution, e-serials management system that provided records for electronic serials. Printed and electronic journals have separate records in a catalog.

All electronic databases and websites are cataloged in-house. We create records for open access electronic databases and websites on request of subject librarians.

Remote access electronic resources are accessible through a URL link from a catalog's record. Access to the licensed and purchased online electronic resources is provided to the University community members via proxy-server.

Manuscripts, WSU faculty publications, theses and dissertations

Locally produced materials receive priority treatment. Catalogers create full level original record for theses and dissertations and input these records into OCLC international database as well as to Voyager. Ph.D. theses and dissertations are digitized and accessible from the Library catalog. Master's theses are in the beginning of digitization process. Records are enriched with author's abstracts for easy keyword access and with academic adviser's name.

We catalog locally produced media, including video and sound-recordings.

Recently, we began to create the database of faculty publications, including book chapters, articles and conference proceedings.

Special collections items are cataloged as any other materials. We catalog rare books, scores and sheet music, historical maps and any other formats approved for including to collection by subject specialists.