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Music and Media Policies

To support curriculum, performances, and research of School of Music, staff catalog scores, music sheets, sound and video recordings. We describe and provide access to the old media formats, such as LPs, or magnetic tapes as well as to the new media formats, for example, DVDs. If score, or sound recording includes more than one title, we include all these titles into bibliographic record, to make users able to find part, piece or song they are looking for.
Also, we catalog non-musical sound recording and videos for all other colleges, schools, and departments.

Staff perform pre-order searches as well as create provisional records for acquisitions of scores and media resources.

We follow national and local standards approved by the University Libraries and its Technical Services ( see: Standards). The standard for original records is full MARC records. The standard for copy cataloging of music and media materials is full and core records. Minimal records are enhanced and upgraded to full or core standard.

Music and Media Copy Cataloging Procedures



Cataloging procedures

Physical processing procedures



Music manual developed by D.J.Hoek (2001). Updated by Susan Matveyeva and George Corbin (2006).