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Policies and Manuals

Cataloging policies and manuals provide guidelines for cataloging staff. Local policies reflect longtime practices formed by catalogers' decisions over number of years. They listed in alphabetical order and updated as needed. 

Manual's section is organized by formats. Currently, it consists of following parts: Provisional Records, Monographs, Music and Media, Serials, Integrating Resources, Manuscripts, non-MARC cataloging, Processing, Database maintenance, and Glossary of cataloging terms.

Policies and Manuals serve as:

  • information channel for implementation of national standards to the local environment;
  • cataloging quality control tool with the goal to increase consistency in the library catalog;
  • training tool on local cataloging policies and procedures for new employees;
  • documents to the history the WSU library catalog.

Manuals grouped by format and according to staff responsibilities. For example, Integrating Resources Cataloging Manual is primarily for original monograph catalogers, but includes also one section for copy cataloging staff. Monograph, Music and Media manuals target copy catalogers. Training materials and tutorials are addressed to student-assistants and new employees.