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How do I find whatever I want in a catalog?

-- a book on the Internet

Use keyword search: netlibrary and [your keyword]

For example:

netlibrary and semiconductor

Your search will bring you ebooks with location listed as:

Location: Electronic Resource (Web)--NetLibrary.

To get full text, go to the record and click on the link:

Click here for this electronic book through the World Wide Web"

Enjoy your book!!

-- a book on the shelf

Use author, or title, or keyword, or subject, or call number searches whatever you are comfortable with. Click on "Set more limits" if you want to limit your search by language, publication place, date, or location in the library.

-- a book in Spanish, or other foreign language

Click on "Set more limits" (right bottom of Basic Search screen) and limit your search by language.

-- the journal article on the Internet

Use "Journal Title" search. When you get a list of results, look for words "[electronic resource]" after a journal title.

Bring the record to the screen and click on the words:

"Click here for available full text of this journal"

The next screen with journal title and holdings information opens. Click on a publisher name, it will bring you to this journal's TOC, and eventually you will reach the article you are looking for. If you are off-campus, the system will ask you to provide your Shocker ID and PIN number.

-- a printed journal on the shelf

Search by journal title. Scroll down for a detailed holdings information. Printed journals do not have words [electronic resource] after title.

-- series

To find a title that is part of series, use "Guided Search". In "Search In" (the right column of Guided Search) choose "series." Type one-two words of series title in "Search For" (the left column of Guided Search.) Also, you can narrow your search by using "Set more limits" button.

-- conference proceedings

"Guided search" can help to find conference proceeding. Choose "Corporate/Conference (author and subject)" in the right "Search In" column.

-- the WSU theses and dissertations on the Internet

All WSU theses and dissertations easy to find by call number: LD2667.T4 for Master's Theses and LD2667.T42 for Doctoral Theses. To narrow your search, use keyword search: "LD2667.T42" and [your keyword]

For example:

"LD2667.T42" and Kansas

Your search will bring you all WSU Ph.D. theses arranged by year. Open the record you need and click on the link: "Click here for available full text of this dissertation via Current Research@Gateway"

Currently, the Library collection includes 455 Ph.D. dissertations completed at the University, and 436 of them are digitized. They are available for free to the University Community. Each year cataloging staff add new digitized theses and dissertation to the library catalog.

The library collection also includes 3,398 WSU Master's Theses. We have been started to digitize them in 2005.  Currently, full text of the first ten Master's theses are available online. To find these works, use keyword search with Boolean operator "and":

"LD2667.T4" and click and here

Don't forget to put the call number in quotes.

-- WSU theses or dissertations on the shelves

The library has the WSU theses in Stacks and Special Collections. Many of them also are microfilmed. We use single record approach in thesis cataloging, which means that we create one bibliographic record for title and attach to this record holdings for each location and format.

If you want to find a paper, or microfilm copy of a thesis, use keyword search: put call number in quotes and add one or more keywords to narrow your search. Use "LD2667.T42" and [keyword] and [keyword] for Ph.D. theses, and "LD2667.T4" and [keyword] and [keyword] for Master's theses.

Last year we began to add thesis adviser's name to the records. The project is still at it first steps. You may want to find thesis adviser by using following strategy:

Keyword search: "LD2667" and (adviser or advisor) and [professor's last name]

For example:

"LD2667" and Pendse and (adviser or advisor)

-- WSU faculty publication

text here

-- electronic databases online

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-- electronic databases on CD-ROM

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-- a map

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