Wichita State University Libraries Information System

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The goals of Cataloging and Metadata Services unit are to:

  • catalog all acquired, donated, and locally produced materials in a timely fashion with no backlogs;
  • assure quality of cataloging and processing of physical resources, cataloging and maintenance of digital resources;
  • be proactive in the development of digital library, metadata projects and initiatives;
  • maintain liaison with all library departments;
  • have productive partnership with vendors and automated library system support;
  • revise and upgrade local cataloging policies following the newest developments and advances in national cataloging standards;
  • upgrade and add new information retrieval software products as needed to provide high quality intellectual access to the collection;
  • support continuing process of staff professional development and training;
  • recruit talented and knowlegible professional and supportive staff;
  • develop quality control and assessment tools to maintain national level quality standards for unit's products and services.