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Projects in 2006

System Upgrade

Voyager upgrade to Voyager 5, May 2006

(Team project: coordinator Nancy) -- DONE

Physical Resources Cataloging


Operational activities: cataloging and processing acquired and donated titles.

No data about special projects at the moment.


Operational activities: cataloging and processing acquired and donated titles.

No data about special projects at the moment.

Music and Media

Operational activities. Cataloging and processing score-monographs and score-serials.

Cataloging and processing sound and videorecordings.

Cataloging and processing monographs with accompanying materials.

M3 Series Clean-Up

Class M 3 of Library of Congress Classification includes complete editions of composers' works. Currently, there are 202 records classed in M 3 in a catalog. Many of them are large multi-volume series (complete and incomplete) that have been collected over decades. The project's goal is to check, evaluate, and update bibliographic and holdings records as needed.

(Team project: coordinator Susan)

Music and Media Copy Cataloging Manual Update

Music and Media Copy Cataloging Manual (2001) will be updated with new content, examples, and references reflecting changes in and additions to cataloging rules and practices, and the development of new media and electronic products.

(Team project: coordinator Susan)

Manuscripts and Special Collections

The Morgan Collection of Southwestern Pueblo Pottery

Original cataloging of the 111 Southwestern Pueblo Indian Pots donated to the Lowell D. Holmes Museum of Anthropology. Research project.

(Ind. project: Susan)

Historical NewsMaps

Original and complex copy cataloging of World War II NewsMaps, the publication reporting the progress of the war in a weekly fashion. It features large scale as well as small maps, texts, photographs, and posters. It’s prepared from public sources of information and distributed by Army Information Branch, Army Service Forces.

(Ind. project: Sai)

Electronic Resources Cataloging

NetLibrary ebooks

data will be added

WSU Materials and Publications

Master's Theses Digitization

Original cataloging of WSU Master's Theses and link records and full text. Pilot project with ProQuest.

(Team project. Coordinator.: Susan) Completed

Ph.D. Theses Digitization Project

Original cataloging and link to the CurrentResearches@WSU database WSU Ph.D. Theses. Ongoing project.

(Coordinator: Susan) Theses Spring-Summer 2006 are cataloged.

Faculty Publication Project

Original cataloging of WSU faculty articles, book chapters, reports, conference papers. The new initiative reflected more intense library service orientation and new trends focused on faculty and graduate students publications as institutional products. Special project.

(Individual project: Susan)

Faculty Authorities Project

Creation of local authority records to control names of faculty with no national authority records. Special project.

(Special project: Susan)

Cataloging Unit Website and Documentation

(Team project: Susan, coordinator; Sai, Web design; Sandipan Mandal, Rajesh Erasani, technical assistance)

Database Management, Quality Control, and Enhancements

Authority Control

Work with LTI reports and updates to be sure that Voyager authority personal, corporate, geographic names and subjects are up to date

(Team project. Coordinator: Nancy)

Donor's Acknowledgements Project

Record's enhancements with local note. Ongoing.

(Coordinator: Susan) Done for 2006

Thesis Adviser's Project

Record's enhancements with thesis adviser's data (a 500 note and a 700 12 added entry). Ongoing.

(Individual project: Susan)

Thesis Adviser's Retro Project

Record's enhancements with thesis adviser's data for previous years (2060 records).

(Responsible: Susan)

OPAC Redesign

Interactive Directions for Holding Locations in a Library OPAC

Examples of Dynamic Map Display in a Library OPAC

Digital Library Development

Institutional Repository. Faculty and Student Publications

Implementation phase. Policies development.

Library wide project. Chair: Kathy Downes; Coordinator: Susan

Institutional Repository. Pilot project.

Community: The Museum of Anthropology. Collection: The Southwest Pueblo Indian Pottery (digital images).

Pilot project. Responsibility: Susan.  Completed

Community: The Hugo Wall School of Urban and Public Affairs. Collection: Annual reports.

Pilot project. Responsibility: Susan. Completed.

Community: Graduate School. Collection: GRASP.

Pilot project. Responsibility: Sai

Library wide project. Chair: Kathy Downes; Coordinator: Susan