SOAR -- Community Agreement


This Agreement is made by and between the ___________________________ administrative unit, a group of members. or individual faculty or researcher of the Wichita State University (“Community”) and the Wichita State University Libraries (“Library”) and is entered into this ______ day of _________, 200_.


Community acknowledges that it has read and is familiar with the following documents (which are appended hereto and are made a part hereof) and agrees to abide by the policies, terms and conditions therein:


Community has appointed ___________________________

to be the SOAR Coordinator for this community with the understanding that this person will fulfill the following duties:

Community agrees to provide confirmation information concerning the Community’s status on a yearly basis as requested by Wichita State University Libraries.


Library agrees to distribute and preserve the collections entrusted to it by Community and to provide the services described in “Wichita State University Libraries Responsibilities” section of the SOAR Community and Collections Policies document referred to above.


Copies of policy documents, including this Agreement, have been supplied to the head of the community or department head by the SOAR Projects Coordinator.


Community                                          Library                  


Signature: __________________        Signature:_______________________


Name: ____________________           Name:____________________________


Title: _____________________           Title:_____________________________


Date: _____________________           Date:______________________________