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Re: Permission to archive my publication in my home institutionís digital repository


I am writing to request permission to deposit an electronic version of my [article/chapter/other] in the Wichita State University institutional repository < http://soar.wichita.edu> for educational and research purposes. I am the author [co-author] of this material.

This request is for non-exclusive, one-time, single-use permission for this purpose only.

Copyright notice, citation of original publication data, DOI number, and a hotlink to your site (if desired) will be given.


This repository is the institutional archive, maintained at the University Library, for research and scholarship emanating from the Wichita State University. A single electronic version will be archived and become available for viewing by visitors to the Libraryís SOARís site.


The current file format for documents is PDF. For more information about the repository or its policies, please contact Susan Matveyeva, Coordinator of SOAR Projects, by phone at

316-978-5139, by email at susan.matveyeva@wichita.edu , or by mail at Wichita State University Libraries, 1845 Fairmount, Wichita, KS 67260-0068


Permission is requested for the following material: ________________________________

It appeared in the following journal/issue/publication:  



Thank you for your assistance.