Withdrawal Policy

Wichita State University Libraries foresees times when it may be necessary to remove items from the repository. It has been decided that under some circumstances items will be removed from view, but to avoid loss of the historical record, all such transactions will be traced in the form of a note in the field of the Dublin Core record.

The content of the note should be one of the following:

  • “removed from view at the request of the author”
  • “removed from view at Wichita State University’s discretion”
  • “removed from view at the Wichita State University Libraries’ discretion”
  • “removed from view by legal order”
  • Since any item that has existed at some time may have been cited, we will always supply a “tombstone” when the item is request, which will include the original metadata (for verification) plus one of the above withdrawal statements in the place of the link to the object. The metadata should be visible, but not searchable. These items will also be made unavailable for metadata harvesting.