SOAR accepts  all kind of digital content::


  1. The work must be produced, submitted or sponsored by Wichita State University faculty, researchers or staff.
  2. Work produced by WSU students may be included at the discretion of individual communities/departments.
  3. The work must be scholarly, educational or research oriented.
  4. The work must not be ephemeral; deposits are intended to be permanent contributions to the repository.
  5. The work must be in digital form.
  6. The work should be ready for public dissemination.
  7. The author/copyright owner should be willing and able to grant Wichita State University the right to preserve and distribute the work via SOAR, although the author/copyright owner retains copyright for all works submitted.
  8. If the work is part of a series, other digital works in that University series should also be contributed so that SOAR can offer as full a set as possible.

Some examples of collections in SOAR: