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Social Science Databases. Search any of these online databases to find articles from peer-reviewed journals.
How do I access databases? This guide will show you how to access WSU Libraries databases from off-campus.
How do I search databases? This short video will show you how to search several social science databases.
What words do I search for in a database? This short video will show you how to choose and combine search terms.



E-journals in General Social Sciences. Browse and search the many journals available electronically.
How is a journal different from a magazine? This guide helps you identify peer-reviewed journals.
I need more help finding articles. View this tutorial to learn how to use databases to identify articles on a subject.


Reference Books

Oxford Reference Online. Access online dictionaries and encyclopedias in the social sciences.
Gale Virtual Reference Library. More online encyclopedias and dictionaries. Scroll down to 'Social Science'.
NetLibrary Reference Center. Select 'Reference Center'. Under 'Reference Center Browse', select 'Social Sciences: General'.


Subject Pages
Visit the following pages for more resources in these social science areas. For research assistance, contact the subject librarian.
Anthropology. Cathy Moore-Jansen, 978-5080,
Ethnic Studies. Cindy Craig, 978-5083,
Gerontology. Cindy Craig, 978-5083,
Law. Ginger Williams, 978-6442,
Psychology. Cindy Craig, 978-5083,
Social Work. Janet Brown, 978-5075,
Sociology. Cindy Craig, 978-5083,
Women's Studies. Susan Matveyeva, 978-5139,
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