Located in the Music Library Reference Section, in MALIC, Jardine Hall room 313

The Harvard Dictionary of Music
  (Randel)  REF ML100.A64  
Found here are in-depth definitions of musical terms.  Some entries have bibliographies for further reading. The 4th edition found in both Music Library and Ablah Library reference sections.  Earlier editions may be found on the 2nd floor of Ablah Library and are available for check-out.

Oxford Dictionary of Music  (Kennedy)  REF ML100.K35
A dictionary of terms and biographical entries, known for its succinct articles.  A good quick reference source.  The 2nd edition is located in Music Library reference.  The 1st edition is available in Ablah Library, 2nd floor.

The Oxford Companion to Music  (Latham)  REF ML100.O94 2002
English musical dictionary with brief entries for people, works and terms, with occasional suggested reading. 

Bakerís Dictionary of Music (Slonimsky)  REF ML100.S635 1997
A very readable musical dictionary, containing terms, works and biographical information.  Notable for brief but clear synopsis of works.

Dictionary of Musical Terms (Baker)  REF ML108.B165 1970
A concise dictionary strictly relating to music terms. 

Musicianís Handbook of Foreign Terms  REF ML108.A53
Provides the English equivalent of music expression marks and direction from French, German, Italian, Latin, Portuguese and Spanish scores.

Terminorum Musicae Index Septem Linguis Redactus REF ML108.T4  
This is a polyglot dictionary of musical terms, based in German, with diagrams of musical instruments and their component parts.  A circulating copy is also located in Ablah Library, 2nd floor.

A Musical Dictionary (Grassineau)  REF ML100.G7x 1740a
Facsimile reproduction of the first English musical dictionary of import, from 1740. 

Dictionary of Music (Riemann)  REF ML100.R54 1970
An English translation by J.S. Shedlock, of Hugo Riemannís Musik Lexikon.  This 2 volume work covers terms and brief biographies, with a German emphasis.

Riemann Musik Lexikon   REF ML100.R52
A German dictionary with international coverage.  Issued in 1959-75, the 12th edition of this 5 volume work consists of 2 volumes of biographical entries, a subject dictionary in a 3rd volume, followed by 2 supplements. 

Musik Lexikon  (Moser)  REF ML100.M885 1955
German musical dictionary in 2 volumes from 1955, with a 3rd supplemental volume in 1963, containing concise entries for people and subjects.  Noted for extensive works lists.

Larousse de la Musique  REF ML100.L28 1982
A 20th century French musical dictionary in 2 volumes, with concise entries for people, works and terms. 

Dictionnaire de Musique (Rousseau)  REF ML108.A2 R7 1969
This is a reprint of Rousseauís important work.

Nuovo Dizionario Ricordi della Musica e dei Musicisti REF ML100.N975
Italian musical dictionary from 1976.  With short entries and even shorter bibliographies.

Russian-English Dictionary of Musical Terms  REF ML108.K33
Provides the Russian-English equivalents of musical terms, not the English-Russian.  Contains no definitions. 

Cassellís German-English English-German Dictionary  REF PF3640.B453 1978
Cassellís New Latin Dictionary  REF PA2365.L3 C3 1960
Cassellís Italian Dictionary  REF PC1640.C33 1967
Cassellís French Dictionary  REF PC2640.C3 1981
Cassellís Spanish Dictionary  REF PC4640.C35 1960
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Updated: June 06, 2012
Rachel Crane, Music/Fine Arts Librarian