Located in the Music Library Reference Section, in MALIC, Jardine Hall room 313

Liber Usualis
  REF M2151.E5 1962 
This provides the musical text of Roman Chant according to the Solesmes Method with the rules for interpretation of the Vatican Edition.  This also contains the church calendar.  Older editions are found in the circulating collection on the second floor of the Music Library.

Worship Music: A Concise Dictionary  REF ML102.C5 W67 2000
This is indeed a concise dictionary of terms related to worship music of various faiths.  Longer entries often close with a bibliography.

An Index to Gregorian Chant  REF ML102.C45 B8
In 2 volumes, with an alphabetical index and a thematic index, each entry provides the mode, a textual incipit, the category of chant, the initial and final pitch, and a coded melodic incipit.

American Women Songwriters (Grattan)  REF ML106.U3 G73 1993
This provides biographical information on women songwriters in various genres, but has chapters specific to hymns and gospel music.

Song Index and Supplement  (Sears)  REF ML128.S3 S31 1966
Though this is primarily an index of art songs, this also indexes anthologies of folk songs, sea chanteys, Christmas carols, sacred songs and school/college songs.  Be sure to check both the main section as well as the supplement, though both sections are bound together.  An earlier edition is found in Ablah Library, 2nd floor.

Hymn Tune Names (McCutchan)  REF ML3186.M22
This is a listing of hymns by title with meter markings, melodic phrase in letter notation, composer/source, date of composition or appearance in print, alternative names and notes on history or background, with indices for melodies and first lines. 

Anthems and Anthem Composers (Foster)  REF ML3260.F75 1970
This is a reprint of Fosterís 1901 work, providing a workslist of anthems by composer, and with indices by anthem title (utilizing initial articles) and by composer.


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Rachel Crane, Music/Fine Arts Librarian