Located in the Music Library Reference Section, in MALIC, Jardine Hall room 313

A Dictionary of Music Titles
(Room)  REF ML102.T58 R66 2000
Presents here are the origin of names and nicknames of works with distinctive titles. 

Popular Titles and Subtitles of Musical Compositions (Berkowitz)  REF ML113.B39
This is another source for finding information about a work when only the popular title, nickname or subtitle is known.  Provided here are brief entries with the work’s proper title, composer and the story behind the popular designation.  The 1st edition is located in the Music Library Reference section.  The 2nd edition is located in Ablah Library, 2nd floor.

Cross Index Title Guide to Classical Music (Pallay)  REF ML113.P34 1987
This resource identifies the proper title of a work and it’s composer from a known popular title or nickname.  It also provides alternative titles and arrows indicating the title under which a work is most likely to be found in library catalogs and other reference sources.

Music Subject Headings REF ML111.B815 1988
Though somewhat dated, this is useful for its explanation regarding assigned subject headings, and for use as a companion tool when searching the online catalog with subject headings.

By Any Other Name…  REF ML113.R3 1984
This source may be used to identify the proper title of a work including theme music in films, radio, television and broadcast advertisements, focusing on but not limited to classical music.

Directory of Tunes and Musical Themes (Parsons)  REF ML128.I65 P33
Also known as the “up-down book,” this volume attempts to answer the question: “What is the name of that tune” by translating the opening melody to a directional pattern.  In 3 sections covering classical tunes, popular tunes and national anthems, if you can hum it and its listed here, you can find it.

Song Index and Supplement  (Sears)  REF ML128.S3 S31 1966
Though this is primarily an index of art songs, this also covers anthologies of folk songs, sea chanteys, Christmas carols, sacred songs and school/college songs.  Be sure to check both the main section as well as the supplement section, though both are bound together.  An additional copy is found in Ablah Library, 2nd floor.

Wedding Music  (Goodfellow) REF ML128.W4 G6 1992  (available online - see the WSU Online Catalog)
This index to 191 vocal and instrumental collections was compiled specifically to access music suitable for weddings.  Find titles or first lines, works by composer or works by instrument.  An electronic copy is available through the electronic catalog as part of the NetLibrary collection.

Schumann Index  REF ML134.S4 W4
This is an index to the solo songs composed by Robert Schumann as found in the Werke (on microform in the Ablah Library Reserves section, call number M3.S393 1969) and to five additional art song anthologies.

The New Langwill Index  REF ML404.W38 1993
This listing of instrument makers provides information about their locations, dates, historical notes, contact information, trade exhibitions, bibliographies where applicable, and etc. are given. Particularly useful for illustrations of makers’ marks, this is the eighth edition of this title.  The 2nd and 5th editions (An Index of Musical Wind-Instrument Makers) are located in Ablah library, 2nd floor (ML404.L3). 

Verzeichnis der werke Antonio Vivaldis  REF ML134.V7 R96 
This catalog of Vivaldi’s works contains particularly useful tables, cross-referencing older numbering systems for Vivaldi’s work.

The Book of World-Famous Music (FULD)  REF ML113.F8 1971
This work provides background information for famous songs/tunes, including incipits and publication history.  Copies of the previous edition are located in Ablah Library, 2nd floor.

Introduction to Research in Music  (Wingell/Herzog) REF MT .W825 2001   
An overview of music research, this manual provides helpful discussions of reference tools as well as guidance for writing. 

Norton Anthology of Western Music  (Palisca)  REF MT6.5.N67 2001
This 2 volume anthology is the companion set of scores for the compact disc set of the same title (CD 3961 and CD 3962).  The latest edition is kept in the music library behind the circulation/reference desk to assure that a copy is always available.  Previous editions are found in Ablah Library, 2nd floor.

Dictionary of the Avant-Gardes  REF NX456.K67 2000
This work covers not only the visual arts but music, film, dance and theater.  Though rather brief, articles include bibliographies for further reading.  This is the second edition of this work.  An earlier version is available on the second floor of the library.

Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance  REF NX512.3.A35 E53 2004
This 2 volume encyclopedia covers all areas of the arts associated with the Harlem Renaissance.  With bibliographies and a very helpful index.

The Oxford Guide to Classical Mythology in the Arts, 1300-1990s  REF NX650.M9 R45 1993
In 2 volumes this is an index to artworks (in the fine arts, music, dance and literature) from the Renaissance through the 20th century with subjects in Greek and Roman mythology.  Main entries under their Greek title are given for central mythological figures or commonly known themes, with cross-references from Roman names.  Volume 2 also contains an index to artists whose works are listed under the main entries.

Dictionary of Translated Names and Titles  REF  NX80.R66 1986
Titles of artistic creations (plays, novels, films, musical works, paintings, and etc.), characters (historical and mythical), biblical personages, historical events and geographical names, are here given in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian, with cross-indices in French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian. 

Dictionary of the Arts  REF NX80.D53 1994
This dictionary of culture (including biographical entries) covers architecture, artistic theory, film, literature, craft, design, dance, fashion, music, mythology, painting, photography, sculpture and theatre, all throughout history.


Updated: June 06, 2012
Rachel Crane, Music/Fine Arts Librarian