Located in the Music Library Reference Section, in MALIC, Jardine Hall room 313

The New Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments
  REF ML102.I5 N48 1984  
Though an older publication, this 3 volume work is still the foremost reference for scholarly, in-depth articles on musical instruments. This resource is another excellent source with which to begin one’s research.  Like other Grove products, the bibliographies found at the ends of articles are particularly helpful.A second copy is available to check out from Ablah Library, second floor.

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Musical Instruments  REF ML102.I5 I5 1996
This is a pictorial guide to musical instruments, providing basic information, and international coverage.

Orchestral Music (Daniels)  REF ML128.O5 D3 1996
This is the 3rd edition of the primary source for orchestral repertoire requirments.  Entries are arranged by composer, providing alternative titles, required instrumentation, publishers and durations.  This also contains handy appendices for locating orchestral works with chorus, solo voices, solo instruments, works by instrumentation, works by duration, significant composer anniversaries, thematic groupings, and a title index, among others. Earlier editions are also available in Ablah Library on the 2nd floor.

The Symphony 1720-1840…Reference Volume  (Brook)  REF ML128.O5 S95 1986
This volume is an index to the set of sixty volumes entitled The Symphony 1720-1840, found under various call numbers in the Music Library on the 2nd floorEntries contain incipits, listing of movements, instrumentation, dates and sources.

Handbook of Instrumentation  (Stiller)  REF MT70.S78 1985   
This overall guide to instrumentation holds detailed information on the qualities of each instrument.  This also covers early instruments, with appendices of special clefs, ranges, term equivalents in foreign languages, and a listing of musical examples.

The Study of Orchestration  (Adler)   REF MT70.A3 2002
The 3rd edition of this title provides a detailed look at scoring methodology along with specific requirements and qualities of each instrument.  This work contains lots of musical examples, with appendices of ranges, names of instruments in foreign languages, terms, and a bibliography.

The Heritage Encyclopedia of Band Music REF ML102.B35 R4 1991
Though titled an encyclopedia, this 3 volume work holds only biographical information and works lists.  Find here information on composers who are often overlooked in other works.  The 3rd/supplemental volume contains not only new entries, but updates to works lists in the 1st 2 volumes.

Chamber Music  (Rangel-Ribeira)  REF ML128.C4 R3 1993
Essentially this work classifies chamber music repertoire by 3 sections of tables (all by composer): instrumentation of works created before 1800; works after 1800; and an index to instrumentation configuration. 

Cobbett’s Cyclopedic Survey of Chamber Music  REF ML110.C7 1963
In 3 volumes, find here articles about composers of and subjects related to chamber music. Volume 3 contains discussions of chamber music by country.  A copy of volume 3 and a previous edition is available in Ablah Library, 2nd floor.

The Literature of Chamber Music  (Cohn) REF ML1100.C76 1997
In 4 volumes, entries by composer provide a description of their chamber works, often helpful for information regarding 20th century literature.

Wind Chamber Music  REF ML128.W5 S43 2002
Arranged by number of instruments (2 to 11 or more), and then alphabetically by composer, this covers repertoire for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and French horn, excluding works for multiple numbers of the same instrument (i.e., all flutes).  The latest edition is found in the music library, while a previous edition is located in Ablah Library, 2nd floor, or electronically through the online catalog.

Piano: an Encyclopedia  REF ML102.K5 E53
This volume attempts to cover all aspects of the piano, containing biographical information, terms, and bibliographies at the end of most articles.

The Pianist’s Dictionary (Hinson) REF ML102.P5 H46 2004
In order to aid the pianist, this dictionary includes definitions of terms, performance directions, names of well-known works, nicknames of pieces, forms, styles, brief biographical information, and neglected repertoire, all in relation to the piano.

Guide to the Pianist’s Repertoire  (Hinson)  REF ML128.P3 H5
In this volume, part I is arranged by composer, with entries for works containing composition date and publisher information, a brief description, and level of difficulty.  Part II is arranged geographically, covering anthologies and collections, also with some elpful indices to composers by nationality, gender, ethnicity, and compositions with tape or prepared piano.  The latest edition is located in the Music Library, while previous editions are found in Ablah Library, 2nd floor.

Piano Music in Collections  (Fuszek)  REF ML128.P3 F87 1982
The first portion of this work lists works arranged under composer, with a number designation for the collection in which they are contained.  The second portion presents a listing of anthologies with their contents.  If only the title of a work is know, an index provides access by title.

Pianist’s Guide to Transcriptions, Arrangements, and Paraphrases  (Hinson)  REF ML 128.P3 H356 1990   
In this work composer entries have lists of works with information on the original and the piano transcription, brief descriptive notes and a designated level of difficulty. Transcriber entries provide references back to the composer entries for which they have made transcriptions. 

Music for Piano and Orchestra  (Hinson)  REF MO128.P3 H53 1993
Like the other Hinson repertoire guides, this is arranged by composer with entries providing publisher information,  brief descriptions (often with durations) and levels of difficulty.  A supplement is bound in at the back with helpful indices by instrumentation.

Orgelwoordenboek  REF ML102.O7 0749 2000
This provides lists of organ terms by subject, and presented
in Dutch, English, German, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Latin, French, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian, Finnish, Czech, Hungarian, Russian, Esperanto, and Japanese.  Select a term from the index to find it’s equivalent in other languages.  Also contains illustrations in connection with details of construction.

The History of Violin Playing from its Origins to 1761 (Boyden) REF ML850.B7
A history of the violin, violin performance practice and the literature for violin, this is accompanied by a companion phonodisc.

The A.S.T.A. Dictionary of Bowing Terms for String Instruments  REF ML108.S382.A2 1987
This title provides modern and historical meanings related to bowing.

Woodwind Music Guide: Solo and Study Material in Print  REF ML128.W5 V73 1984
A listing of printed music for woodwinds ‘in-print’ at the time of publication, this is arranged by instrumentation, with an index by composer, and providing a glimpse of works lists for composers in this area.

Flute Repertoire Catalog (Vestor)  REF ML128.F7 V48  
Covering works up to the mid-1960s, this lists works for the flute by composer and by instrumental combinations as well as studies, methods and literature about or relating to the flute.  A second copy, located in Ablah Library, 2nd floor, is available to check out.

Thurlow Lieurance Indian Flutes  REF ML935.H45 T5 2002
The 2nd edition of this booklet provides information on the Lieurance flute collection, housed in the Music Library.  It is a companion to compact disc 4849, also located in the Music Library.  The 1st edition is located in Ablah Library on the 2nd floor.

Oboen-Bibliographie  REF ML128.O2 H825 1984  
This bibliography of oboe music, in German, is arranged alphabetically by composer, with a helpful appendix listing works by number of instruments.

Music for Oboe, 1650-1800 REF ML128.O2 H55 1985
Find here a bibliography of oboe music restricted to music written from 1650-1800 with entries covering instrumentation, publication history, the sources of and known modern editions, along with helpful indices by instrumentation.

Music for Oboe, Oboe D’Amore, and English Horn  REF ML128.O2 G5 1983
This bibliography of works held in the collection of the Library of Congress, arranged by instrumentation, and with an index of instruments and composers.

Brass Music Guide: Solo and Study Material in Print  REF ML128.W5 A6 1984
A listing of printed music for brass ‘in-print’ at the time of publication, this is arranged by instrumentation, with an index by composer, and providing a glimpse of works lists for composers in this area.

Brass Music Guide: Ensemble Music in Print  REF ML128.W5 A57 1987
A listing of printed music for brass ensembles ‘in-print’ at the time of publication, this is arranged by instrumentation, with an index by composer, and providing a glimpse of works lists for composers in this area.

The Horn Handbook (Reynolds)  REF MT420.R49 1997
Covering all aspects of concern to the horn player, chapters cover practice, etudes, playing with the piano, sonatas with the piano, concertos with the piano, chamber music, and teaching horn.  This is particularly notable as a guide to the solo literature.

The Orchestral Audition Repertoire for Horn (Thompson)  REF MT4267.O72 1995
Collected orchestral excerpts for horn.

The Tuba Source Book  REF ML128.T8 T8 1996
A compilation of anything and everything relating to the tuba, including guides to the repertoire, a history of the instrument, a discography, a bibliography, biographical entries, and equipment, among other issues concerning the tuba.

Encyclopedia of Percussion (Beck)  REF ML102.P4 E5 1995
Find here: an alphabetical list of percussion instruments and terms, illustrations, articles, appendices (include a helpful table of terms and instruments in different languages), along with a chronological listing of percussion methods.

A Practical Guide to Percussion Terminology  (Girsberger) REF ML102.P4 G56 1998
This is a guide to terms found in performing literature for percussion.


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