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The Oxford History of Western Music  (Taruskin)  REF ML160.T18 2005

In 6 volumes, volume 1 covers early notation through the 16th century; volume 2, the 17th and 18th centuries; volume 3 the 19th century; volume 4 the early 20th century, volume 5 the late 20th century while volume 6 includes a chronology, a bibliography and an index.


Music in the 20th Century (Austin)  REF ML197.A9  (Norton)

Music in the Romantic Era  (Einstein)  REF ML 196.E35 (Norton)

Music in the Baroque Era  (Bukofzer)  REF ML193.B8  (Norton)

Music in the Renaissance (Reese)  REF ML172.R42 1959 (Norton)

Music in the Middle Ages (Reese)  REF ML171.R74 M8x  (Norton)

The Rise of Music in the Ancient World (Sachs)  REF ML162.S14  (Norton)

A copy of each title of the Norton series of historical works on different periods of music is available in the Music Library for reference.  Additional copies are available to check out and are located in Ablah library, 2nd floor.


Source Readings in Music History (Strunk)  REF ML160.S89 (Norton)

A collection of historically important writings, arranged chronologically by topic.  This is the revised edition.  Copies of the 1st edition are located in Ablah Library, 2nd floor.


A History of Western Music (Grout/Palisca)  REF ML160.G87 2001

The latest edition of this often-referred to work is kept in the Music Library behind the circulation/reference desk to assure that a copy is always available.  Previous editions are found in Ablah Library on the 2nd floor.



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