Located in the Music Library Reference Section, in MALIC, Jardine Hall room 313

** Denotes titles located in the general circulating collection in Ablah Library

Music Reference and Research Materials
(Duckles)  REF ML113.D83 1997 
This is the bibliography of bibliographies and one of the first places to consult.  Divided into chapters by type of reference and ordered by genre, annotations provide brief descriptions and often citations of reviews written about each work.  The lastest edition is found in the Music Library, while older editions are located in Ablah Library, 2nd floor. 

Thematic Catalogues in Music (Brook)  REF ML113.B86 1997
This wonderful resource provides an annotated guide to thematic catalogues.  The second edition is located in the Music library reference section, while the 1st edition (1972) is located in Ablah Library, 2nd floor.

RISM  (Repertoire International des Sources Musicales)  REF ML113.I6
A catalog of manuscript and printed music from 1600 forward.  In 3 series (sections) and well over 40 volumes, the structure of the work is as follows:  Series AI: printed music, Series AII: manuscript music, Series B: a systematic approach, often with thematic subjects such as theory in the Arab world, etc., and Series C: music libraries of the world.  

Handbook of Music and Music Literature in Sets and Series (Charles)  REF ML113.C45
This tool functions as an index to sets of music (score) collections not indexed elsewhere.  Though dated (1972),  this is helps access the contents of older sets. Use with the “Heyer” listed below.

Historical Sets, Collected Editions, and Monuments of Music (Heyer)  REF ML113.H52 1980
Volume I of this 2 volume work contains a listing of collections and their contents, while volume II is comprised of an index.  Though dated, it is still quite useful for accessing the contents of older sets of music, together with the “Charles” listed above.   

Collected Editions, Historical Series & Sets, & Monuments of Music  (Hill)  REF ML113.H55 1997
WSU has the bibliography portion only and not the index.  This bibliography lists the contents of collections/sets of music by composer/author, title and series.

E.H. Fellowes: An Index to the English Madrigalists and the English School of Lutenist Song Writers  REF ML120.G7 H34 1984
This is an index to the two collections indicated in the title.  Volumes 13, 15 and 37-39 of the English Madrigalists (revised edition) are located on the second floor of the Ablah Library, M2.3.E5 E551.  13 volumes of the second series of the English School of Lutenist Song Writers, are located on the second floor of the Ablah Library, M2.F422.

Anthologies of Music (Murray)  REF ML128.A7 M87 1992
This indexes 40 anthologies published from 1942-1991.

The Penguin Guide to Compact Discs & DVDs  REF ML156.9 .M3
Find here evaluations on current commercially available recordings, arranged by composer and with recommendations for listening.  The latest edition is found in reference, while earlier editions are located in Ablah Library on the 2nd floor.

Reader’s Guide to Music  REF ML160.R42 1999
Consult this volume for suggested books in the areas of history, theory and criticism.  Contains entries (with lengthy discussion) on subjects for which there are two or more books in English dedicated to the topic.

Sourcebook for Research in Music  REF ML113.C68 2005
This work consists of 7 chapters of bibliographies on different types of sources, preceded by an introductory chapter about research in music.  Collective annotations are found at the beginnings of subsections providing overviews and highlighting particular sources.  Also find indices of authors editors, compilers, translators, and titles.

** Arts in America: A Bibliography  REF NX503.A77 1979
A product of the Smithsonian Institution, this 4 volume annotated bibliography covers art of Native Americans, architecture, decorative arts, design, sculpture, art of the west, painting, graphic arts and artists, photography, film, theater, dance, and  music.  Volume 4 is an index.


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