National Traveling Exhibition

Exhibit and Event Photographs
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Traveling Exhibit: "Lewis and Clark and the Indian Country"

(The panels of the traveling exhibit are accompanied by displays of artifacts

 from the WSU Lowell D. Holmes Museum of Anthropology)







Close ups of artifacts in accompanying exhibit: "Native American Beadwork and
Other Artifacts", Lowell D. Holmes Museum of Anthropology, WSU



Library Book Displays Related to "Lewis and Clark and the Indian Country"





Opening Lecture and Reception, Dr. William Unrau, "Rethinking Indian Country",
and Medicine Park, Southern Plains Drum group and dancers, Jan. 18 
















Jim "Two Crows" Wallen, "Native Tales from the Lewis and Clark Trail",   Jan. 26




Dr. Lorraine Madway, "This is as Handsome A Country as I Ever Saw": Encountering 18th and 19th Century View of Kansas", Jan. 27




 Dr. Phillip Thomas, "Into a World Unknown: The Corps of Discovery Encounters the Flora, Fauna, Peoples, and Geography of the Trans-Mississippi West, Jan. 31





                Dr. David Hughes, "Islands in the Sea of Grass: Native Settlements of
          the Great Plains", Feb. 5




              Betty Nixon and Truman Ware, "Voices of Kiowa Tribal Elders: Plains Indian
        History and Heritage",  Feb. 9   









       Dr. Robert Owens, "The Lewis and Clark Expedition: Prelude to Change for
    Native Peoples of the West", Feb. 11






            Jerry Shaw, "Understanding Native American Identity", Feb. 17

             Jerry Shaw       





        Closing Lecture and Reception: Dr. Donald Blakeslee, "On the Trail(s) with
        Lewis and Clark: Native American Beliefs Revealed", Feb. 21

        With a performance by Rick "Young Eagle" Duran, Native American flute player

        Donald Blakeslee    







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