National Traveling Exhibition

Related Exhibits

      In addition to the Lewis & Clark and the Indian Country national traveling panel exhibit, there are two more complementary exhibits to see.  For more information about the traveling exhibit see the about page.  For more information on the related exhibits, see below. 

   Special Collections and University Archives

"This Is as Handsome a Country as I Ever Saw":  Encountering 19th-Century Kansas through Selected Materials from Special Collections and University Archives, Wichita State University Libraries
       This exhibit, which complements the Lewis and Clark exhibition, is located on the
       lower level of Ablah Library and will feature an array of materials, including maps,
       newspapers, drawings, letters and other writings, which document the settlers' first
       impressions of what was to become Kansas.  The materials highlight both the
       reactions of the settlers to what they viewed as a new land and their relationships
       with the native peoples they encountered.

   Lowell D. Holmes Museum of Anthropology

Native American Beadwork and Other Artifacts
       Native American clothing and weapons on loan from WSU's Lowell Holmes Museum
       of Anthropology will be on display alongside exhibit panels.  Displayed items will
       include beaded moccasins and pouches as well as bows, arrows, and quivers.

Native American Beadwork
Photos courtesy of Jerry Shaw.