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National Technical Information Service (NTIS)
 Our nation's largest single central resource for government-funded scientific, technical,
        engineering, and business-related information available today.  More than 600,000
        information products covering over 350 subject areas from over 200 federal agencies.
        WSU Libraries provides access to NTIS from 1964 to present through Cambridge Scientific
         Abstracts.  Select the NTIS database and continue to search.


Search Engines, Gateways, Portals

        Official gateway to all U.S. government information.  Use the general search engine, or search
        by topic, by agency, branch of government, state government, data & statistics and more.

Google Unclesam

        Launched in 1999, this niche search engine carries the bulk of government information at
        .gov and .mil domains

GrayLit Network

        A portal for technical reports and information generated through federally-funded research
        and development projects.  Useful for finding unpublished papers, proceedings, and other
        publications not funneled through mainstream publication channels.  Include detailed citations
        with abstracts or downloadable full-text documents.  Developed by the Office of Scientific
        and Technical Information (OSTI) with collaboration from EPA, DOE, DOD and NASA.

National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII)

        A USGS-led initiative, dedicated to electronic "federation" of biological data and information
        resources.  NBII provides access to biological databases, information products, directories
        and guides maintained by Federal, state and local government agencies and organizations in
        the United States and around the world.  Click on "Current Biological Issues" and GO! (Firstgov for Science)

        An interactive initiative of 17 U.S. government science organizations within 12 agencies.
        Launched December 2002.  Relevancy ranking available for query results.  Free weekly
        desktop alerts available.



Conservation Library (U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, NCTC)

        Collection of electronic journals and online publications from FWS.

GPO Access
GPO Access is a service of the U.S. Government Printing Office that provides free
        electronic access to hundreds of thousands of titles published by the federal government.
Links to over 200,000 titles in full text.  In addition, access is available to:
               *  Catalog of Government Publications  (
                    (January 1994-April 2005)
Searching all legislative, executive and judicial documents related to conservation biology.

The National Agricultural Library (AGRICOLA -- AGRICultural OnLine Access)

        Search for books or articles.  Book search includes books, serials, audiovisuals, etc.  The
        article search includes journal articles, book chapters, short reports, reprints.  Production of
        catalog records began in 1970, but the database includes materials in all formats, including printed
        works from the 15th century.  Thousands of AGRICOLA records are linked to full-text documents
        online.  Focus is on agriculture, animal and veterinary sciences, entomology, plant sciences,
        forestry, aquaculture and fisheries, and environmental sciences.  Records continually updated.

The NOAA Central Library (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)

        Access to the NOAA online library catalog, with url links to many publications and conference
        reports worldwide.  Also provides a useful list of e-journals.


Agency Sites

Energy Information Portal (U.S. Department of Energy)

        Entree to hundreds of websites and thousands of online documents on energy efficiency,
        and renewable energy.

National Environmental Publications Information System (NEPIS)
        Environmental Protection Agency's database of over 7,000 full-text EPA documents from
        1997 to present.

National Science Foundation
 Click on "Publications" and then choose to browse or search.  Can select a publication
        type (such as "reports) and/or a NSF organization (such as "Biology").

NatureBib (National Park Service)

        Merges a number of previously separate databases dealing with natural resource topics like air,
        deer, geology and paleontology

USDA Forest Service Publications
One-stop site for Forest Service research and development publications online.


Legislative Information


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