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Library & Open Web Overlap

There can be some overlap between the library's online resources and things that can be found openly on the Web. Here are a few examples:
  • Google Scholar, which is an electronic database similar to ones that the library pays for, is free and open to the public at http://scholar.google.com
  • A search engine may retrieve full text articles that the library subscribes to (but if a search engines retrieves an article that requires a fee you should first check to see if you can obtain it through the library for free)
  • WorldCat is a library database that contains information about thousands of books and lists the libraries that own each one. This database is also free and open to the public at http://www.worldcat.org
  • Wikipedia might be convenient for quick facts, but it isn't a reliable source of scholarly information. However, many Wikipedia articles do quote scholarly resources, so always go directly to the original source of the information.
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