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Brainstorm Keywords

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No matter where you're searching, you will need to pick out the most important keywords. These are generally nouns.
What impact does the rural location of Greensburg, Kansas have on their recovery as a "green community?"

Other related words might be:
"Greensburg Kansas" "Mayor Lonnie McCollum" "Steve Hewitt, City Administrator" "rural America"
"rural communities"
"farming communities"
recovery "economic recovery" "Greensburg Sustainable Comprehensive Plan" "federal resources"
"private resources"
"community planning" "sustainable communities" "sustainable development" "reconstruction strategy"
"dispersed business model"
"green community" "LEED certified"
"wind farms"
"sustainable building"
"energy conservation"
"energy production"

All of these words and phrases (phrases are in quotes) would be great terms to use in a search to find information. Note that you would not know these details before doing a little research. As mentioned before, searching for background information will help get you started. Research breeds more research. The more you learn, the more questions you will have about your topic, which leads to more research.

More about searching for your topic and constructing a search is in the modules on Using the Catalog, Finding Articles, and Using the Web.