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Subject Policies

The following collection development policies were written by the Subject Librarians and include a statement on the purpose and scope of the collection as well as a listing of specific subjects with assigned collecting levels.

A major effort is currently underway by the Subject Librarians to review and revise older subject policies to reflect new programs and/or publishing trends. All policies revised since 2000 are posted to this site. Until all policies are revised, a brief summary of collection interests and needs for each academic department has been provided. Click here for those summaries.

If you have questions, please contact the  appropriate Subject Librarian or contact the Coordinator of Collection Development.

Click here for a list of policies by general subject division.




Art & Design rev. 2009 pdf
Biological Sciences 2003 html
Communication 2003 html
Computer Science 2002 html
Counseling, Educational & School Psychology 2009 pdf
Criminal Justice 2008 pdf
Curriculum and Instruction 2007 pdf
Dance 2003 html
English 2007 pdf
Ethnic Studies 2009 pdf
Finance, Real Estate, & Decision Sciences 2007 pdf
French 2004 html
General Encyclopedias 2007 pdf
German 2004 html
Human Performance Studies 2008 pdf
Juvenile Literature 2006 pdf
Marketing and Entrepreneurship 2007 pdf
Management 2004 html
Music 2005 pdf
Old World History 2006 pdf
Philosophy 2003 pdf
Physician Assistant 2008 pdf
Physics 2004 pdf
Public Administration / Urban Affairs 2004 pdf
Social Work 2003 html
Spanish 2004 html
Sport Management 2008 pdf
Theater 2004 html
Women's Studies 2003 html


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