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Preprint Servers

Provides access to preprint servers. The term “preprint” may refer to a peer-reviewed manuscript that awaits publication in a traditional journal, a paper posted electronically before submission to a journal, or a paper that is never formally published. A Web-accessible preprint may be referred to as an "e-print". A number of services archive and provide access to preprints in a wide range of disciplines.

CERN Document Server
Preprints in physics, engineering, mathematics, computer sciences, and social social sciences.

Chemical Physics Preprints
Joint project of Brown University and Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Los Alamos National Laboratory E-Print Archive
National Science Foundation activities with Los Alamos. Preprints in physics, computer sciences, and mathematics.

Preprints and Eprints
Los Alamos National Library Research Library. Annotated list of selected repositories/databases.

Preprint Servers and Databases
University of Virginia Library. List of preprint servers in science and engineering.

Preprint Resources on the Web
Iowa State University Library. Extensive list of links to preprint servers.

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