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Other E-Resources by Subject

Connect to data and statistical sources, fiction/popular reading advisory sites, Internet search engines, Kansas state and local resources, preprint servers, and resources by subject/discipline.

Data and Statistical Resources
Access to data and statistical resources including ICPSR, Lexis-Nexis Statistical Universe, and STAT-USA.

Fiction/Popular Reading
Access to information about locating fiction titles in the library collection as well as links to Reader's Advisory sites on the Web.

Internet Search Engines
Connect to Ask Jeeves, Google, Yahoo, and other search engines.

Kansas and Wichita Area Resources
Access to state and local Web sites.

Preprint Servers
Access to preprint servers with electronically-posted manuscripts. 

Resources by Subject/Discipline
Access to home pages created by WSU Subject Librarians. These pages provide links to Web resources and tools in various subject areas as well as information about significant resources in print and other formats.


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