Are They Ready to Make the Switch?
Results of the WSU Libraries Survey on Electronic and Print Collections

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Tables and Graphs -- by Survey Questions 1-20

1. Rate the importance of print and electronic access for journals/ magazines.

2. Rate the importance of print and electronic access for books/monographs.

3. Would you support canceling print subscriptions in your discipline to maintain or add electronic access?

4. Would you support a reduction in the monograph/books budget in your discipline to help fund journals?

5. If funding was limited and if only one of the following options (i.e. print or electronic) were available for journals in your discipline/major, which would you prefer?

6. How do you find articles in print journals?

7. Do you use e-journals?

8. If you use e-journals, how frequently do you use them?

9a. How do you usually locate and access e-journals?

9b. Which of the above methods of locating and accessing e-journals do you use most frequently?

10. Once you locate e-journals, how do you use them?

11. From what location do you make your greatest use of electronic resources?

12. Rate the importance of electronic databases.

13. Rate the importance of the WSU Libraries Catalog.

14. Rate the importance of full-text access of older journal issues, full-text access to current journal issues, and PDF as a full-text option.

15. Rate the importance of maintaining the quality of book collections.

16. How often do you submit Interlibrary Loan requests for materials not held by WSU Libraries?

17. Are you satisfied with traditional Interlibrary Loan as the primary delivery method for journal articles, conference proceedings, etc. not held by WSU Libraries?

18. Would you like desktop delivery of articles, conference proceedings, etc. that you request through Interlibrary Loan in PDF format?

19. If funding was limited, would you support canceling print journal subscriptions in your discipline to add funding for unmediated, desktop delivery of journal articles through a document delivery service?

20. If your department has an established distance education program, would you support cutting back other resources in your discipline to add electronic access for distance education students?