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WSU Libraries Guidelines for Faculty Liaison Activities and Communications

  • Send annual message to all faculty members with information about collections and services, including what to expect and how to reach their library liaison, order materials, request library instruction, and resolve
    library-related problems.
  • Make personalized contact with each departmental chair or library liaison each semester about collections, services, and policies.
  • Request an invitation to departmental meetings at least once a year, preferably in the early fall.
  • Make personalized contact with each new faculty member, within the first
    two months of appointment.
  • Send announcements about new collections, services, and policies when appropriate.
  • Conduct periodic faculty surveys to determine needs and feedback
    regarding library collections and services, e.g. during major collection evaluations and policy updates, electronic resource trials, etc.
  • Seek opportunities to increase library visibility by attending departmental seminars, colloquia, and other meetings
  • Seek opportunities to partner with teaching faculty on instructional
    initiatives and special projects such as:   
    • resource linking in Blackboard
    • GenEd classes
    • Global Learning projects
    • joint purchases
    • institutional repository initiatives.
  • Link library-departmental web pages.
  • Co-sponsor events, e.g. lectures, readings, exhibits

    Approved, Fall 2005


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