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Issues in Scholarly Communication: Journal Pricing and "Big Deals"

Selected articles and Web sites focused on journal pricing, faculty and library responses to "Big Deals", e-journal licensing, and editorial board control.

Journal Pricing

Ted Bergstrom's Journal Pricing Page (Univ. of California, Santa Barbara)

Journal Price Study, Core Agricultural and Biological Journals (Cornell University)

Measuring the Cost-Effectiveness of Journals: Ten Years After Barschall (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

The Cost Effectiveness of Physics Journals by Henry Barschall. Physics Today, v. 41, no. 7 (July 1988):56-59.

2004 Serials Price Projections and Cost History, EBSCO

Faculty and Library Response to "Big Deals"

Faculty/University Actions Against High Journal Prices (See the lists section of Peter Suber's SPARC Open Access Newsletter Site)

Cornell University Library. Issues in Scholarly Communication (problem, reasons, solutions, the Elsevier subscriptions and cancellation list, Faculty Senate Resolution, six key issues)

Letter to UC Faculty from University Librarians, October 15, 2003

Chronicle of Higher Education -- "Scientists at U. of California at San Francisco Push for Boycott Against 6 Biology Journals", Oct. 21, 2003

"Researchers Boycott Cell Press", The Scientist, October 23, 2003

Santa Cruz, Committee on the Library Resolution, October 29, 2003

San Francisco, Communication from the Academic Senate and University Librarian, November 1, 2003

Cornell and Other University Libraries to Cancel Elsevier Titles, P.J. Hane, Information Today, Nov. 17, 2003

Harvard opts out of Elsevier's Big Deal -- January 1, 2004

UNC, NCSU, Duke opt out of Big Deal -- January 14, 2004

"Reed Elsevier Feels Resistance to Web Pricing, Wall Street Journal, January 19, 2004

"Faculty Senate Approves Measure Targeting For-Profit Journal Publishers", February 24, 2004

Challenges to Licensing from some Publishers -- California Digital Library

UC (California Digital Library) Agrees to Big Deal

Licensing and "Big Deals"

'Bundled' E-Journal Subscriptions and Academic Libraries (Colloquy Live, Chroniclel of Higher Education)

Second Thoughts on 'Bundled' E-Journals (A. L. Foster)

NERL Principles for Electronic Journal Licenses

NERL Licensing Guidelines & NERL Generic License

ICOLC Statement of Current Perspectives and Preferred Practices for the Selection and Purchase of Electronic Information

The Costs and Benefits of Library Site Licenses to Academic Journals, by C.T. Bergstrom and T.C. Bergstrom

The Librarians' Dilemma: Contemplating the Costs of the "Big Deal", by Kenneth Frazier, D-Lib Magazine, March 2001

The Crumbling Intellectual Foundation (S. Smallwood) (need Chronicle password)  

Editorial Board Control

Declaring Independence

Gaining Independence: A Manual for the Launch of Non-Profit Electronic Publishing Venture

For a list of journal declarations of independence, see the "Lists" section of Peter Suber's SPARC Open Access Newsletter site.            


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