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Gifts to the Libraries

Monetary Gifts and Endowments
with link to WSU Foundation Online Giving Form
Gifts of Books, etc Acknowledgment of Gifts Appraisals Gifts to Special Collections

The Wichita State University Libraries need your help more than ever. The number of books and periodicals published every year is growing. Yet, because the library's budget does not keep pace with inflation, fewer works may be added each year to the collection. If the University is to continue to attract fine students and faculty, the library must provide the scholarly books, journals, and databases needed by faculty and students.

Learn about the "Preserve Our Resources Campaign"!

Monetary Gifts and Endowments

One way to make a monetary gift to the WSU Libraries is by using the WSU Foundation's "Online Giving" form. Click here for the WSU Foundation form. " Select "University Libraries" in the drop-down ""Gift Designation" box on the form.

You may also contact the Office of the  Dean of University Libraries at (316) 978-5120 about making a gift to the Libraries.

A gift of $50 or more could purchase a book in any subject you recommend. If you prefer, the subject may be chosen by the library staff. A gift of $100 or more could help purchase several books or a subscription to a journal. A gift of $1,000 permanently invested produces income that enables the library every year to add a number of volumes to its collection. A $10,000 named endowment could make very significant additions in books or journals, either in a field of study of particular interest to the donor or honoree or in a field selected by the library.

Gifts of Books and Other Materials

To donate books or other materials, contact the Coordinator of Collection Development at (316) 978-5072.  Gift bookplates may be placed in donated volumes at the request of the donor. All gifts become the property of the library. The library staff will determine whether the gift will be retained, where it will be shelved or located, and how it will be cataloged and circulated. Materials not added to the collection may be sold or donated to other libraries.

Acknowledgment of Gift

All gifts from identified donors, both monetary and material in kind, will be acknowledged. Donors who intend to deduct the value of their gifts for income tax purposes are encouraged to contact their tax attorneys or their accountants.


Federal laws do not allow the library to make appraisals. Donors are invited to consult the AB Bookman's Yearbook, which is held in the library, to find qualified appraisers in the region.

Gifts to Special Collections

Special Collections and University Archives accept gifts of books, manuscripts, archives, and relevant artifacts as well as other materials related to the University or associated with designated collection interests. Contact the Curator of Special Collections, (316) 978-3590, for more information.

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