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Summary of Departmental Information for Collection Development

The following is a summary of important demographic and collection information for each academic department at
Wichita State University. This information helps guide the WSU Libraries subject librarians in developing collections that
support the learning, teaching, and research needs of the departments.

A full description of collection needs and interests are found in the subject policy for each department. A major project is
underway to revise all of the Libraries' subject policies. Click here for online versions of recently revised policies.

If you have questions about a particular summary, please contact the appropriate Subject Librarian or the Coordinator of
Collection Development

Key for Demographics Column: BA (Bachelors), MA (Masters), PhD (Doctorate), U (# Undergraduates), G (# Graduates),
CH (# Credit Hours), F (# Faculty), 5 yr circ (% of library items added in last five years that have circulated)



Subject Interests

Special Needs and Interests


Wishlist –

Wishlist – Journals


U: 607
G: 75
CH: 9524
F: 11.25
5 yr circ: 38%




Not-for-profit Organization Issues, Auditing, Taxation, Managerial & Cost Accounting, Accounting/ Administration for Health Care Organizations, Accounting Ethics, public accountancy, Benchmarking, Activity-based Costing, Participative Budgeting, Financial Statement Analysis, and Oil and Gas Accounting.

Business Ethics and Healthcare Management.

Prefer online along with some important print materials.

Serials preferred.

Some more electronic access.

Journal of Accounting and Economics, Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, and Journal of Law and Economics.


Aerospace Engineering

U: 299
G: 119
CH: 4328
F: 12.16
5 yr circ: 20%

Aircraft, spacecraft, aerodynamics, performance, propulsion, stability and control, structures, math, physical science, general engineering, digital computation, aerospace design, fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, flight dynamics and control, and multi-disciplinary design, analysis, and optimization

Wind tunnels, water tunnels, and structural testing labs, National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR).

ABET accreditation review in Fall 2007.

Prefer electronic journals to print.

Would probably endorse cutting book budget to add more

Web of Science



U: 105
G: 50
CH: 3,957
F: 7
5 yr circ: 59%                                         



Art and culture, Forensic anthropology, Ecological anthropology, Evolutionary biology, Great Plains archeology, Mesoamerican archeology, Native Americans, New World exploration and first contacts,  Numerical taxonomy, Peace studies, Psychological and cognitive anthropology, Ritual and religion, Skeletal biology, Warfare. Geographic areas: North America, Caribbean, Far East, Oceania, Mesoamerica

New interdisciplinary

major in forensic  sciences shared with Criminal Justice, Chemistry, and Biology;  Native American materials in Special Collections; primary source material

Prefer maintaining print for core resources.

Very interested in maintaining book budget. Will not cut books to add or save journals.

AnthroSource (AAA journals online), Web of Science

Bibliography of Native North Americans

Annals of Human Biology, Latin American Archeology

Art & Design

U: 514
G: 37
CH: 8054
F: 17.25
5 yr circ: 57%

Art Education, Art History, Graphic Design, Studio Arts (painting, sculpture, ceramics, illustration, animation, photography), Museum Studies, Architecture, Film and Video, Fiber Arts, Interior Design, and cross-disciplinary Cultural Studies

Image reproductions

Currently prefer to maintain print collections until viable online options arise.

Rely heavily on both books and journals. 


American Photographer; Aperture;

Biological Sciences

U: 359
G: 29
CH: 10012
F: 11
5 yr circ: 46%




Aquatic Biology and Ecology, Behavioral Ecology and Conservation Biology of Birds, Plant and Animal Interactions, Applied and Environmental Microbiology, Ecology and Population Genetics, Plant Physiological Ecology, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Reproduction Endocrinology and Carbohydrate Biochemistry, Cancer Biology and Molecular Endocrinology, Bioinformatics and Molecular Evolution, Cell Biology, Reproductive Endocrinology, Classical and Molecular Genetics of the Mouse, Molecular Biology of Plants

Materials on Ecology, Animal behavior, Cell Biology, Genetics, Bioinformatics, biomedical research, and biochemistry.


Prefer online resources for research but also need to maintain the print collection for undergraduate program.

Serials are more helpful, but still interested in maintaining the books for the undergraduate program.

Faculty of 1000;

BIOSIS Previews; Biological abstract (unlimited access);

Web of Science

Electronic resources: Science, Nature, Cell, Animal Behavior.

Business, General

U: 3
G: 78
CH: 5104
F: .5
5 yr circ: 37%



General Management and Marketing, Inter-disciplinary General Business, Business Ethics, and Material Pertaining to Specific Corporations

Business Ethics.

Accreditation review by AACSB scheduled for 2007/2008.

Both online and print are important.

Books are needed for the general business collection.

Web of Science as well as other resources listed under specific subject areas

More journals as listed under Accounting, Economics, FREDS, Management,  Marketing & Entrepreneurship subject areas.


U: 308
G: 46
CH: 9773
F: 12.67
5 yr circ: 30%

Biochemistry, Chemistry/Business, Organic, Physical, Analytical, Supramolecular, Inorganic, Bio-organic, Medicinal, Polymer

Chemistry Library; PhD program; Pre-med emphasis available; field majors in Biochemistry and Chemistry/Business available.

Strong support for online serials.

Research relies heavily on serials.

Monographic reference sets are critical.

Web of Science; additional users for SciFinder.

Digital archives of selected journals


U: 541
G: 69
CH: 11478
F: 13.75
5 yr circ: 46%




Rhetoric, Journalism, Mass Communication and Politics, Religious Rhetoric Analysis, Broadcasting, Public Relations, Advertising, Alternative American Journalism, Newsroom Coaching Techniques, Desktop Publishing, Newspaper Advising, Language Acquisition, photography, documentary production, Civic Journalism, Political Issues Development, Public Opinion/Polling, Media Effects, Alternative Media, Debate Pedagogy, Audio Production, Popular Culture, New Media, Women's History, Scholastic Journalism in Education, Conducting Focus Groups, News Writing Style, Newspaper History, Civic Journalism, Community Engagement, Creativity, and Media Ecology.

Single-source search engine for library databases.  The emergence of blogs as alternative media.

Some preference for online.

Both online and print are important.

A single-source search engine that can search a variety of databases through one user-friendly interface.

Material that relates to creativity.  Continue to subscribe to Media Tenor Quarterly Journal as well as all the AEJMC supported journals.

Communication Sciences & Disorders

U: 157
G: 93
CH: 4145
F: 11.42
5 yr circ: 58%






Typical and atypical language development in young children, Auditory models of speech processing, Speech acoustics and synthesis, Assessment and treatment of fluency disorders, Social interaction analysis, Qualitative research methods, Counseling approaches and applications, Diagnostic audiology, Pediatric hearing rehabilitation, Industrial hearing conservation, Applied/Clinical Phonology, Metaphonology and Early Literacy, Auditory disorders in aging, Environmental design for the hearing impaired, Neurophysiology of the auditory system, Computer applications/technology utilization, Augmentative and alternative communication, Pragmatic Language Behaviors, Pervasive Development Disorders, Augmentative/assistive communication systems, literacy/phonological awareness& autism spectrum disorders, Clinical application of otoacoustic emission measurement, Mechanism of sensory hearing loss

Video and DVD materials in Autism, Stutter, Learning disabilities, Learning styles, and Speech acoustics.

Prefer online resources for research but also need maintain the print collection for the undergraduate program.

Serials are more helpful, but still interested in maintaining the books for the undergraduate program.


Topics in Language Disorders



Computer Science

U: 378
G: 129
CH: 4638
F: 8.57
5 yr circ: 42%




Algorithms, Artificial intelligence, Databases, Expert systems, Information retrieval, Machine learning, Networking, Operating systems, Programming languages, Software engineering, Symbolic computation, Visual interfaces

Supplemented by collections in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Mathematics.

Program emphasizes core computer science technologies and their applications. Includes preparation for professional work in business, industry, or government.

Prefer online access.

More interested in serial publications, but need access to monographic series, conference proceedings, and computer software manuals.

IEEE Proceedings Online, Web of Science


Criminal Justice

U: 487
G: 57
CH: 8258
F: 10.47
5 yr circ: 66%






Transit Crime, Vandalism, Situational Crime Prevention, Health Care Fraud, Community Policing, Police Policy, Organized Crime, Computer Crime, Criminal Justice Training and Education, Organizational Change, Police-Minority Relations, Criminal Law and Procedure, Capital Punishment, Gambling, Juvenile Justice, Gun Violence, Terrorism, White-Collar Crime, Forensic Anthropology, Forensic Toxicology, Social Disorganization Theory.

New BS in Forensic Science (cross-disciplinary with Chemistry, Biology, Psychology, & Anthropology); certificates available in Forensic Criminology, Cross-Cultural Communications in CJ, Corrections, and Law Enforcement. 

Have proposed online MA in Criminal Justice.

The more online, the better. 

Serials a priority for research, but monographs still important, especially for students.

None at this time.

Security Journal

Dental Hygiene

U: 271
G: 0
CH: 2694
F: 8.16
5 yr circ: 52%

Periodontics, Local Anesthesia, Clinical Dental Hygiene, Dental Materials, Community Dentistry, Dental Health Education,  Preclinic, Histology, Embryology, Dental Hygiene Concepts, Ethics, Dental Radiology, Nutrition

Especially need materials on periodontal dental disease, Dental public health, community dental health, and community oral health.

Online material would be easy for students to use, but they still think it is important to maintain print collection.

Books and journals are both very important. They are Very interested in maintaining book budget. Will not cut books to add or save journals.


Special care in dentistry.


U: 45
G: 39
CH: 7658
F: 8.5
5 yr circ: 31%






Public Choice, Law & Economics, Corporate Governance, Stock Market Efficiency, Interest Rate Adjustment Impact, Monetary & Financial Economics, forecasting, Japanese Monetary System, Monetary Economics & Aggregates,  Money & Banking, Bond Markets, Bank Structure, Financial Liberalization, topics related to Emerging Financial Markets, Time Series Analysis, Health Insurance, Retirement Issues, Collective Bargaining, Sports Economics, Econometrics, and Economic History.

International Finance, Statistics.

Slight preference for online.

Books and serials are both important.



Journal of Corporate Finance, easier online access to journals.


1.        Curriculum & Instruction

2.        Counseling, Educational / School Psychology

3.        Educational Leadership

U: 945
G: 1294
CH: 18231
F: 51.84
5 yr circ: 45%






1.  CI: Early childhood unified, elementary, middle school (mathematics, science, English/language arts, and history comprehensive) and secondary (biology, chemistry, physics, earth/space science, mathematics, English/ language arts, and history/ government), adaptive, functional, and gifted education, reading specialist, library media specialist, and TESOL (Teachers of English for Speakers of Other Languages)

2.  CESP: School counseling, community counseling, educational psychology, and school psychology

3.  EL: Educational administration, district-level certification/licensure in school administration

The College offers a MEd in C & I at numerous off-campus sites each year.  Some classes meet in Wichita, while others meet in neighboring communities, such as McPherson, El Dorado, Newton, and Anthony.  The Library provides special article copy delivery services to students whose classes meet at least 25 miles from campus.

C&I proposes to extend distance course offerings with the eventual development of  two online degree programs: M.Ed. and MA in Teaching.


Prefer electronic journals to print.

The book collection is heavily used by students in this major, but electronic journals are also a priority for this department.

Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts


Diversity Resource Database

Reading and Writing Quarterly


Journal of Latinos and Education


Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education


Overseas and international journals in gifted education


Electrical & Computing Engineering

U: 448
G: 325
CH: 7492
F: 13.5
5 yr circ: 52%




Computer system design, computer networking, electrical networks and systems, digital systems, computer engineering, communications and signal processing, control systems, electric power systems, electronics, and electromagnetics, wireless communication,  routing and switching, optical networks, computer networks, integrated circuits, signal processing

ABET accreditation review in Fall 2007.

Prefer electronic journals to print.

Would probably endorse cutting book budget to add more

Web of Science

Journal of Power Sources


U: 185
G: 98
CH: 16821
F: 21.25
5 yr circ: 46%





English Composition

Language and Linguistics, including syntax, logic, dialectology, language acquisition, history of language, Old English

Literature, including medieval and Renaissance, American (all periods but esp. 19th c), British (all periods), Irish and other Western literatures in English (all periods), Western drama, comparative literature, folklore and mythology

Creative Writing, including poetry, fiction, playwriting

Cinema Studies

Majors: English Language and Literature, Creative Writing, Teaching

·          MFA offered in Creative Writing Program

·          MA offered in English

·          Certificate in Film Studies

·          Certificate in Medieval and Renaissance Studies (multidepartmental) established in 2006


Most prefer print. One linguistics professor would support cancelling print for online resources.

General feeling that serials are already at “bare-bones” level.  The library’s “willingness to add books to its collection” was mentioned as a strength.

Shakespeare Collection (Thomson)


LION (Chadwyck-Healy)

None at this time

Ethnic Studies

U: 135
G: 16
CH: 2298
F: 4.31
5 yr circ: 48%

Ethnic groups (African-American, Asian-American, Native-American, Latino-American); special populations in the criminal justice system; diversity issues; aging; women; cross-cultural communications

Concentration available in Ethnic Studies through the Bachelor of Generalized Studies program or as a Field Major; minor also available.

Prefer online resources.

Serials are a priority for research, though students use monographs extensively.

None at this time.



None at this time.

Finance, Real Estate, and Decision Sciences

U: 454
G: 76
CH: 10653
F: 15.5
5 yr circ: 38%





Finance interests: Corporate Finance,

Public Finance,

Municipal Securities, and


Real Estate interests: Housing Economics and Insurance

Decision Sciences interests: Group Decision Support Systems, MIS, Supply Chain Management, IT Acceptance and Impacts, Online Behavior, and the human side of computing.

Business, Constitutional and Employment Law, Torts, E-commerce, and Insurance.

Online is preferred.

Serials appear to have a slight edge over books.

Westlaw Campus Research, Business Source Premier, and ABI/Inform.

Information & Management, Information Systems Research, and Management Information Systems Quarterly.

General Engineering

U: 96
G: 0
CH: 78
F: 0
5 yr circ: 32%

Fundamental technical knowledge, engineering ethics, engineering graphics, mathematics, physical science, digital computation, engineering economy


Prefer electronic journals to print.

Books are very important to this basic subject area, and a balance of books and journals should be maintained.




U: 44
G: 13
CH: 6532
F: 75 yr circ: 29%


Aqueous geochemistry, Biogeochemistry, Carbonate environments, Climate change, Coral reef development, Cyclic sedimentation, Earth Science, Ecology and paleoecology of Foraminifera and freshwater Ostracodes, Environmental geochemistry, Field mapping, GIS, Hydrogeology, Jurassic sedimentology,  Marine sedimentology, Meterology, Microbial and carbonate sedimentology,  Paleontology, Petroleum geology, Rare Earth Elements, Stratigraphic computer modeling (fuzzy logic), Sedimentary basins, Sedimentology, Sequence statigraphy, Tectonics

Geographic areas and geologic periodis: Belize, China, Colorado, Kansas, Montana, northern Mexico, New Mexico, Oklahoma, west Texas, Wyoming;  Jurassic, Mississippian, Upper Paleozoic, Upper Pennsylvanian, Permian, Lower Triassic

Although there is no graduate program in Geology, the department does help support the new master’s program in Earth, Environmental and Physical Science (EEPS) Program which is a collaborative effort with the Department of Physics. The Department of Geology provides centralized site for networked community interested in environmental issues – Center for Environmental and Human Health and sponsors a research group called SATIS – Stratigraphic Analysis through Interdisciplinary Studies.

Supports canceling print to provide electronic access to journals.

Very interested in serials; would be willing to cut book budget; need to retain core book collection for undergraduates.

Web of Science, GeoScience World (e-journals)



U: 54
G: 6
CH: 959
F: 1
5 yr circ: 62%

Social, physical, and mental aspects of aging, public and private services for the elderly, impact of aging on individuals, families and society

The department also offers an online Masters Degree. Goal is to have all core courses available online while offering some electives on-campus.

Usually prefer electronic journals to print.

Books as well as journals are required.



Government Documents

U: 0
G: 0
CH: 0
F: 0
5 yr circ: 0%





American history, government and politics.  Government Branch Information – Congressional, Executive, Judicial.  Armed forces and conflicts.  Criminal justice.  Economics.  Education.  Environment.  Energy and natural resources.   Food and agriculture.  Geographic information, maps.   Health.    Intellectual property – patents, trademarks, copyrights. International affairs.  Native American and immigrant cultures.   Public administration.  Safety-Accidents-Disasters.  Science and technology.  Social Issues.  Statistics.  Transportation.

Panama Canal (near 100th anniversary).   U.S. patents. 

Core documents in print.  Online access from government to over 85% since 2000.  But need vendor databases for added search value.

Very interested in books that compile & interpret gov’t statistics, summarize & interpret complex issues,   biographies, etc.

19th Century Masterfile.

N/A at present

Health Services Management

U: 65
G: 54
CH: 694
F: 2.98
5 yr circ: 48%




Epidemiology, Health Management, Community development, Organizational Behavior and Leadership in Health Organizations, Health Economics, Health Politics, Social Marketing, Community Action, leadership, Health Education and Health Promotion, Health Care Ethics, Concepts of Quality, Program Planning/Development in Health Services, Geographic Information Systems in Community Epidemiology, Long-Term Care Systems, The Role of Culture in Health and Health Care.

Career resource development materials

Prefer online resources for research but also need maintain the print collection for undergraduate program.

Still need a few books on careers in Healthcare Management.


JAMA electronic version.


Health education and Behavior journal; Health Promotion Practice journal (published by the Society for Public Health Education); Social Marketing Journal; Health Education Journal

Health, General

U: 107
G: 0
CH: 827
F: 2.75
5 yr circ: 54%

Public Health, Health care ethics, Health care systems, Community health care systems, Evidence-based medicine.

Healthcare field has become more and more rely on high-quality, independent evidence to inform healthcare decision-making.

Materials on Evidence-based medicine are very helpful for us.

Prefer online resources for research but also need maintain the print collection for undergraduate program.

Serials are more helpful for research.

Nature, Science, Web of science.

JAMA (Electronic resources); Evidence-based Healthcare & Public Health

History & Geography (New World History)

U: 120
G: 55
CH: 5324
F: 9.6
5 yr circ: 48%





Colonial, Early U.S., Civil War, 19th and 20th century American, North American West, American Culture and Religion, American Diplomatic, Military, Business, Legal, Environmental, and Family, Viet Nam Conflict, Kansas, Public History, Women and Gender, Geography, Public History, Latin America

Special Collections contains abolition and anti-slavery materials, rare atlases, maps, photographs documenting North American, regional, Kansas and local history, aviation, local architecture, Panama Canal, U.S. Sanitary Commission, oral histories of  Wichita communities, local civic and commercial history

Prefer maintaining print for core resources.

Very interested in maintaining book budget.  Will not cut books to add or save journals.

American Periodicals Series Online (ProQuest)


ProQuest Historical Newspapers

Archivaria (Canada)


Archives and Manuscripts


History & Geography (Old World History)

U: 64
G: 30
CH: 2808
F: 2.4
5 yr circ: 50%


World Environmental, Ancient,19th and 20th century Europe, Medieval, Renaissance, Reformation, Russia,  Soviet Union, France, Britain, Germany, Jewish History, Philosophy and History of Science, Women and Gender

Rare books in Special Collections on diverse subjects, including religion, geography, science, literature, printing and calligraphy

Prefer maintaining print for core resources.

Very interested in maintaining book budget.  Will not cut books to add or save journals.

History Compass (Blackwell)

Facts On File World News Digest

Science in Context(Cambridge)


The Seventeenth Century (Manchester)

Humanities, General

U: 588
G: 8
CH: 3516
F: .75
5 yr circ: 46%





English Literature and Language
Foreign Literatures and Languages

The Humanities Fund provides for general humanities resources, e.g., certain serials not falling into one of the more specific Humanities areas.  There is also a Humanities Reference Fund with which specialized encyclopedias, dictionaries, scholarly edition sets, etc. can be purchased.


American Periodicals Series

None at this time

Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering

U: 74
G: 163
CH: 3757
F: 10.71
5 yr circ: 53%




Design, analysis, and operation of manufacturing and other integrated systems of people, material, equipment, and money, manufacturing systems, ergonomics/human factors engineering, and engineering systems, computer analysis

Numerous Labs:  Graphics Lab, Metrology Lab, CIM Lab, Cessna Manufacturing Processes Lab, Ergonomics/Human Factors Lab, Non-Traditional Machining Lab, Advanced Manufacturing Process Lab, Rapid Prototyping, Virtual Reality Development Lab, Graduate Computing Lab, Open Computing Lab.

ABET accreditation review in Fall 2007.

Prefer electronic journals to print.

Would probably endorse cutting book budget to add more electronic journals.

Web of Science


Juvenile Literature

U: 0
G: 0
CH: 0
F: 0
5 yr circ: 67%



Still weak in current Social Science / Science nonfiction. 

The College of Education is currently searching for a new faculty member who will be the “key” faculty member in this area.  We will need to communicate with this new person about their interests and if they will do more with young adult, graphic and electronic resources.

100% print right now

100% books



Kinesiology & Sport Studies

1.        Exercise Science

2.        Physical Education

3.        Sport Administration

4.        Athletic Training

U: 393
G: 149
CH: 9803
F: 14.04
5 yr circ: 60%






1.  ES: Fitness, exercise, anatomy and physiology, CPR, motor learning, kinesiology, diet and nutrition, care and prevention of injuries, exercise prescription, exercise physiology and biomechanics, aging

2.  PE: Physical Education, sport, fitness, anatomy, CPR, individual sports, team sports, movement, water safety, kinesiology and biomechanics, care and prevention of injuries, motor learning, physiology of exercise, adapted physical education, rhythmic activities, instructional strategies, assessment

3.  SA: Sport management, ethics in sport, sport marketing, sport in society, communication, financial management, legal issues in sport, event and facility management, sport tournaments, psychology of sport

4.  AT: physiological, psychological, neurological, and biomechanical processes associated with physical activity and human movement, emergency/immediate care, taping and bandaging, anatomy and physiology, clinical pharmacology, kinesiology, care and prevention of injuries, diet and nutrition, exercise prescription, therapeutic modalities, administration, tests and measurement

Currently seeking accreditation for new program in Athletic Training

 Exercise Science Department maintains a Human Performance Laboratory

Prefer electronic journals to print.

Faculty place a higher priority on electronic journals than books.

Sport Discus with Full Text

Electronic access to Physical Education Index

Journals that cover legal issues in sports


U: 0
G: 0
CH: 0
F: 0
5 yr circ: 40%



Business law.  Case law.  Supreme Court opinions.  Kansas law.  Federal Code and Regulations.  Statutes at large.  Kansas Code and Regulations.  Public health and welfare.  Criminal justice.  Juvenile justice.  Family and domestic law.  Social work issues.  Intellectual property law.


Core documents in print & online (free from govt) Databases are a must.

We are in good shape.

IP journals.

Library Science

U: 0
G: 0
CH: 0
F: 14
5 yr circ: 29%




Access services, Acquisitions,  Administration, Archives and archiving, Assessment, Cataloging and metadata services, Collection development, Document delivery,  Electronic resource management, Information literacy, Library information systems, Preservation, Promotion, Reference services, Special Collections, Technical Services.

Library science collection supports library faculty and staff interests and need for literature related to research, education, and work. Also supports library students from the Wichita community.

Strong support for online resources; important to continue to add current print monographs.

Both serial and monograph collections are critical.




U: 1062
G: 76
CH: 7055
F: 11
5 yr circ: 34%



Creativity, Identity, Management of Volunteers, Human Resources, Compensation, Chaebols, International Trade and Export, SogoShosha, Internationalization of Business School Curricula, Management Education, Non-Financial Incentives, Leadership, Conflict Resolution, Organizational Communication, Organizational Behavior, Business/Government Relations, Organizational Learning and Adaptation, Small and Medium-Sized Business Internationalization, Entrepreneurship, International Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management, and International Competitiveness of Small Firms in Manufacturing Supply Chains.

Creativity, Entrepreneurship.

Online and print are important.

Both serials and monographs are important.

None listed

Content and access continue to improve.

Marketing & Entrepreneurship

U: 458
G: 76
CH: 6422
F: 10.5
5 yr circ: 47%




Cross-Cultural Comparative Research of Brand Equity, Franchising, Corporate Entrepreneurship, Marketing Management, Sales/Retail, Services Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Service Quality Management in Commercial Airline Passenger Services and Healthcare Services, Sport/Recreation Marketing, Customer Service Issues, Interpersonal Communication, Marketing Communication, Business Instruction with the Use of Cases, Inter-firm Relationships, Strategic Alliances, Firm Scope and Boundaries, Technology Management, E-Commerce, Impact Analysis, Economic Forecasting, Market Feasibility Studies, Labour Force Trend Analysis, Management of the Family Firm, Strategic Planning, Business Planning, Marketing Strategy, Growing the Firm, Selling & Sales Force Management, Corporate Diversification, and International Management/Strategies.

Franchising, Entrepreneurship.

Online and print are important.

Serials are preferred.

Access to Emerald Management Database.


Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Product Innovation Management.

Mathematics & Statistics

U: 75
G: 46
CH: 21796
F: 34.39
5 yr circ: 42%



Algebra, Applied mathematics, Combinatorics, Computational mathematics, Differential geometry, Inverse problems, Numerical analysis, Partial differential equations, Mathematical physics, Probability theory, Statistics, Topology

Program offers PhD in Applied Mathematics

Relatively strong support for online access.

While interested in additional online resources, there is a need to maintain print collection of series monographs.



Mechanical Engineering

U: 322
G: 166
CH: 4053
F: 11.25
5 yr circ: 54%

Robotics, multi-body dynamics, materials structure and behavior, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, energy conversion, mechanical systems, robotics, materials science and engineering

Numerous Labs:  thermal science, materials engineering, mechanical measurements, and mechanical engineering systems, microcomputer data acquisition and control, and vehicle chassis dynamometer.

ABET accreditation review in Fall 2007.

Prefer electronic journals to print.

Would probably endorse cutting book budget to add more electronic journals.

Web of Science


Medical Technology

U: 126
G: 0
CH: 2897
F: 4.58
5 yr circ: 59%




Clinical Lab. Management/Education, Clinical Chemistry& Laboratory, Body Fluids, Applied Clinical Chemistry, Hematology& Laboratory, Applied Hematology, Immunohematology & Laboratory, Applied Immunohematology, Immunology/Serology, Clinical Laboratory Instrumentation, Applied Clinical Techniques, Clinical Microbiology& Laboratory, Molecular Diagnostics, Applied Clinical Microbiology.

Especially need materials for clinical diagnosis, clinical chemistry, clinical microbiology, and hematology.

Accreditation review by national Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences planned in 2007.

They have no preference for print or online materials.

They still prefer maintaining print for core resources.

Very interested in maintaining book budget. Will not cut books to add or save journals.


Clinical Science(Most recent issues)

Modern & Classical Language & Literature

U: 109
G: 30
CH: 12399
F: 18.84
5 yr circ: 37%





French, Spanish, German, Russian, Latin, and Classical Greek language and literature; teaching of foreign languages; Japanese language; beginning and intermediate Italian language.

Other faculty interests: Gender Studies in French Renaissance Women’s Lit, French cinema, Old Icelandic saga, Spanish law and literature, Spanish civilization, Latin American literature and civilization, East/West German literature, morphosyntax of the verb in Eastern European languages.

Majors: French, Latin, Spanish

·          MA offered in Spanish

·          Certificate in Medieval and Renaissance Studies (multidepartmental) established in 2006


Preference for print.

Definitely don’t want any journals cut.  Journals and/or books needed on French cinema for new course being developed. Also, more on medieval and renaissance studies.

None at this time

Would like more or reinstated journals in unspecified areas.


U: 350
G: 199
CH: 10663\
F: 43.54
5 yr circ: 48%




Music Education, Music History, Music Performance (band, orchestral, jazz, solo instrumental and vocal, chamber), Jazz Studies, Composition, Conducting, Folk music, Ethnomusicology, Music and Literacy, Music and Medicine, Music and Technology, Opera, Musical Theatre, Performance Psychology, Special Education, Poetry

Works in a variety of formats: books, printed music, audio recordings and video recordings

Books, scores and sound recordings are critical.  Prefer online journals to print when possible.

Rely heavily on both books and journals.

An online audio source: Classical Music Library, Smithsonian Global Sound, and African American Song

International Musician; The Horn Call; ITEA Journal


U: 784
G: 227
CH: 2806
F: 24.63
5 yr circ: 63%




Adult Health & Illness, Pediatrics, Acute Care, Psychiatric/Mental health, Nurse Midwifery, Nursing and Health Care Systems Administration, Nursing Education Practicum, Clinical Teaching Strategies, Health Care information Systems, Adult Nursing, Adult Case Management, Pathophysiology, Applied Drug Therapy, Pathophysiology for Acute and Critical Care, Health Assessment, Management of Acute & Chronic Health Problems, Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span, Health Care during Growth & Development of Children & Families, Clinical Management, Care of Women in the Antepartal Period, Primary Care of Women, Nursing Administration, Resource Management in Nursing, Nursing and Computer Technology, Financing Health Care Services

Healthcare field has become more and more rely on high-quality, independent evidence to inform healthcare decision-making.

Materials on Evidence-based medicine are very helpful for us.

Kansas State Board of Nursing accreditation review planned for 2007.

Has proposed an online degree program:  the Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-BSN)completion program.

Prefer online resources for research but also need to maintain the print collection for undergraduate program.

Serials are more helpful, but still interested in maintaining the books for the undergraduate program.



CINAHL Full-text

International journal of evidence-based healthcare

Performing Arts

U: 175
G: 0
CH: 5901
F: 13.33
5 yr circ: 52%


Dance (Ballet, Modern Dance, Postmodern Dance, Jazz Dance, Tap Dance, Social Dance, Sacred/Liturgical Dance, Folk Dance), Choreography, Dance and Related Arts, Somatic Studies, Dance and Related Arts

Video recordings are the most important resource

Content is of prime importance over format.

Rely on both books and journals.

International Bibliography of Theatre & Dance with Full Text



U: 45
G: 29
CH: 4460
F: 8
5 yr circ: 43%

Classical Greek, ancient Chinese, early modern, and 19th century philosophers; ethics (general, in engineering, and in computing); metaethics; metaphysics; epistemology; history of philosophy; philosophy of science including evolutionary biology and medicine; philosophy of language; social/political philosophy; logic; phenomenology

Major:  Philosophy

New courses being offered or planned include Philosophy of History, and History of Science and Technology

Mixed preferences.

Generally, the collection is perceived as being good.  Would like to subscribe to a journal in the area of philosophy of history but one hasn’t been identified yet.

None – Philosopher’s Index and WilsonWeb meet department’s needs well

Ethics & Behavior (Lawrence Erlbaum Associates).  Quarterly.  Online only - $485; online & print - $555 annually

A journal in the Philosophy of History, if we can find one

Physical Therapy

U: 53
G: 88
CH: 4192
F: 7.58
5 yr circ: 55%





Colon cancer, the validity and reliability of telehealth in physical therapy using equipment provided by Cyber-Care, the physical fitness and health profiles of persons with chronic diseases and disabilities, orthopedic, sports medicine settings, burnout, Therapeutic Exercise, Pathophysiology, Anatomy, Clinical Kinesiology, Clinical Pharmacology, Musculoskeletal Clinical Medicine, Neuroscience, Neuromuscular Interventions, Lifespan of the Adult, Principles of Orthotics, Cardiovascular, Pulmonary, Diagnostic Imaging, developing computer based testing, web enhanced instruction with video clips

Clinical Kinesiology, Neuroscience, Musculoskeletal Clinical Medicine, Anatomy for Physical Therapists.

Online material would be easy for students to use, but they still think it is important to maintain print collection.

Very interested in maintaining book budget. Will not cut books to add or save journals.


Massage & bodywork,

Sports medicine.

Physician Assistant

U: 83
G: 94
CH: 4006
F: 6.25
5 yr circ: 68%



Medical History and Physical Examination, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Applied Clinical Practice, Endocrinology, Neuromusculoskeletal Disorders, Clinical Rotations, Health Care Ethics, Visual Function/Vision Science, Research Methods, Clinical Pharmacology, Pharmacological Management of Acute and Chronic Diseases, Epidemiology, Organizational Behavior and Leadership in Health Service Organizations, Program Planning / Development, Health Services Delivery, The Role of Culture in Health and Health Care, Social Marketing, Healthy Options for Communities, Cardiopulmonary Disorders, Emerging Health Care Issues, Opthalmologic / Otorhinolaryngologic Disorders, Gastrointestinal Disorders, Dermatology, Clinical Assessment, Cultural Competency in Health Care, Community Action Research, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Community Epidemiology, Health Policy, Community Assessment, and Politics of Health Policy Making, Preventive Medicine and Community Health, Genitourinary Disorders, Patient Counseling, Clinical Skills, Health Economics, Strategic Management, Health Management and Community  Development.

Healthcare field has become more and more rely on high-quality, independent evidence to inform healthcare decision-making.

Materials on Evidence-based medicine are very helpful for us.

Prefer online resources for research but also need maintain the print collection for undergraduate program.

Serials are more helpful for research, but still interested in maintaining the books for the undergraduate program.

JAMA electronic version

The Internet journal of academic physician assistants; International journal of evidence-based healthcare


U: 39
G: 6
CH: 4966
F: 6.91
5 yr circ: 37%




Astrophysics, Atomic physics, Condensed matter, Experimental solid state physics, Magnetic materials, Materials Physics, Optics, Semi-conductors

Focus on undergraduate studies with traditional core courses. Although there is no graduate program in Physics, the department does help support the new master’s program in Earth, Environmental and Physical Science (EEPS) Program which is a collaborative effort with the Department of Geology.

Strong emphasis on online and open access, especially pre-prints.

Conference proceedings are critical.


Interested in reinstating some of American Physical Society journals that have been canceled.

Political Science

U: 125
G: 0
CH: 2839
F: 6.75
5 yr circ: 36%


United Nations; women in the political system; politics of aging; political parties; comparative politics; international politics; political theory and philosophy; Latin-American politics; U.S. foreign policy; democratization; peace-building; American presidency; racism and oppression; criminal justice; voting and elections.

Bachelors only available; emphasis in public administration available; minor available. 

Strong emphasis on online resources.

Research & teaching is based primarily on serials (though books are still important).

None at this time.

None at this time.


U: 681
G: 87
CH: 12,107
F: 16
5 yr circ: 67%



Human Factors Psychology, Community Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Human-computer Interactions, Color and Night Vision, Motion Perception, Software/Website Design and Usability Testing, Cognition, Psychology of Music, Child Psychopathology, Visual Control of Action, Aviation Psychology, Experiential Avoidance,  Statistical Methods, Judgment and Decision Making, Self-help, Relationships, Personality Disorders, Adolescent Health and Development, Alcohol Use and Abuse, Companion Animal-Human Interaction, Minority Health.

PhD programs in Human Factors, Community Psychology, and Clinical Psychology (most recent) 

Only PhD program in Social Sciences Division of LAS 

Emphasis in substance abuse available (for certification as substance abuse counseling).

Almost unanimous support for moving to online; canceled APA journals in print to add PsycArticles.

Supports maintaining book budget. Relatively well-used collection due to cross-disciplinary interest in collection.

Web of Science

More journals in Human Development, Vision


U: 11
G: 0
CH: 823
F: 1.87
5 yr circ: 56%

Old Testament survey; Bible and literature; justice and suffering; Bible and the ancient near east; magic and witchcraft; New Testament survey; religion in America; women in world religions

No major available

Religion split off from Philosophy in [year?] and is now a very small department.

Preference for print.

Have recently filled several book requests for materials on Augustinian or Paulist studies.

None at this  time

None at this time

Science, General

U: 588
G: 0
CH: 0
F: 0
5 yr circ: 32%


Environmental science, Ecology, Molecular Biology, Genetics.


Prefer online resources for research but also need maintain the print collection for undergraduate program.

Serials are more helpful, but still interested in maintaining the books for the undergraduate program.

Faculty of 1000, Web of science

Electronic resources: Science, Nature

Social Science, General

U: 588
G: 0
CH: 0
F: 0
5 yr circ: 46%


Interdisciplinary program through LAS college (including a certificate in Great Plains Studies); also, Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) available (with emphases in linguistics or public administration.




Social Work

U: 361
G: 157
CH: 5372
F: 10.08
5 yr circ: 66%




Generalist Practice, Advanced Generalist Practice, social justice, client empowerment, ethical practice, advocacy for vulnerable groups, research and evidence-based practice, cultural competency, multi-dimensional practice, diversity, school Social Work, technology based Social Work

Currently going through a reaffirmation of accreditation for the MSW program (June 2007)

Prefer electronic journals to print.

Supports maintaining book budget. Not interested in cutting book budget to save journals at this point.

Health and Psychosocial Instruments (HAPI) 

AACE Digital Library



Journal of Technology in Human Services 

Journal of Gay and Lesbian Social Services 

Journal of Ethnic and Cultural Diversity in Social Work 

Journal of Teaching in Social Work

Research on Social Work Practice


U: 229
G: 43
CH: 11208
F: 8.5
5 yr circ: 50%




Family, Sexuality, Gender, Intimate Violence, Work-Family Interface, Aging, Law, Research Methods, Asian-Americans, Job Loss, Work, Labor Process, Labor Markets, Inequality, Consumption, Gender and Social Stratification/Inequality, Social Network Analysis, Organizational Theory, Economic, Education, Quantitative Methodology, American Male, Intimacy, Parenting, Urban, Demography, Deviance, Mental Health, Digital Citizenship, Class Analysis, Marxism, Industrial, Criminology.

Minor available.
Courses have a lot of cross-disciplinary interest (social work, criminal justice, etc).

Most research is done with online resources. Rely heavily on ILL. Faculty don’t have problem with giving up print journals.

Research & teaching is based primarily on serials (though books are still important).

None at this time (ILL fills in gaps nicely).

None at this time (ILL fills in gaps nicely).

Undergraduate Studies

U: 0
G: 0
CH: 0
F: 0
5 yr circ: 22%


General reference information, current affairs, controversial issues, career information, job hunting, resume writing, study skills, further education, standardized test study guides, TOEFL and TESOL study guides

There is a constant need for updated materials in this area.  This is one of the most heavily used parts of the collection.

Prefer electronic journals to print.

Books are very important to this subject area, as are general use periodicals.

Optimal Resume (with Office of Career Services)

LearningExpress Library (offers online practice tests for standardized tests such as ACT, GMAT, MCAT, etc.)

Urban & Public Affairs

U: 0
G: 132
CH: 1451
F: 3.75
5 yr circ: 41%


Economic insecurity; computer applications; organizational theory; state government; state and local relations; Kansas political history; human resource management; public and urban economics; budgeting; local government law; planning; non-profits; productivity measurement; community development; fundraising.

Masters in Public Administration only; houses the Center for Urban Studies and the Kansas Public Finance Center; current director of Hugo Wall stepping down next year.

Most research is done with online resources.

Research & teaching is based primarily on serials (though books are still important).

None at this time.

None at this time.

Women’s Studies

U: 36
G: 0
CH: 2755
F: 4
5 yr circ: 62%

Anthropology, Sociology, Cultural studies, Feminist theory, Gender studies, Ethnic studies, American history,  History of women’s movement, Popular culture,  Film, Images in art and literature and popular media, Latina studies, Media criticism, Race, Postmodern theory, Social institutions.  Women Health, Gerontology, women’s role in society (work, business, politics, rights, family)

Geographic areas: Africa, Asia, Latin America, Middle East (especially Palestine), United States.

Cross-disciplinary interest in philosophy, sociology, social work, history (especially, American history), English, anthropology, religion, ethnic studies, political science, criminal justice, psychology, arts, literature, and communication.  Videos/DVDs are increasingly important. Greater efforts should be made to acquire alternative press materials.

Online access is welcome – especially journals, but print resources – especially monographs – are important.

Although serials are important, monographs remain important for women’s studies.

Women in America (Thomson-Gale) 

Women’s Studies Index (G.-K. Hall –Gale)

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