Subject Librarian: Curt Friehs, Business and Communications Librarian
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Policy Created:  October 8, 2004

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A. Purpose of Collection

1. Program Information Collected

The W. Frank Barton School of Business at Wichita State University grants undergraduate degrees with majors in management, human resources management, business administration, and international business. Undergraduates may also minor in management or business administration. Graduate students may earn a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree with a general focus or one with a concentration in international business. Graduate level degree programs leading to an Executive Masters of Business Administration or a Master of Science in Business are also offered by the Barton School of Business.

2. Collection Description

The Libraries’ collection in management consists of over 28,000 monographic and serial volumes. Subscriptions to roughly seventy periodicals are maintained. Access to additional titles, available in both full text and pdf versions, is facilitated by the electronic databases ABI/INFORM and Business and Company Resource Center.

The reference collection, now maintained primarily as a virtual collection and not a paper-based one, provides strong support to research efforts in management. Mergent Online provides access to the Mergent (formerly Moody’s) manuals, and allows direct downloading in spreadsheet formats. Standard & Poor’s NetAdvantage makes available the information formerly contained in the many products formerly included in the company’s library package. Business & Company Resource Center, in addition to its periodical content which is strong both in scholarly and trade literature, also provides access to brokerage house reports and includes as strong directory component. LEXIS Academic provides access to the full text of major newspapers published in the United States, case law at both the state and federal levels, in addition to legislative and administrative sources (e.g. state codes and administrative regulations). The Reference USA database includes basic information on over fifteen million business and its interface allows for sophisticated screening procedures.

3. Anticipated Trends

The ever increasing importance of globalization in business decision making will strongly influence to character, particularly the geographic character, of materials collected in support of management research. And as is true of all social sciences disciplines, the continuing importance of interdisciplinary approaches to research will result in the purchasing of material which does not fall strictly into the management collection’s parameters.

B. Scope of Coverage

1. Chronological Focus

The collecting of works characterized by a practitioner or applied orientation will be limited to items focusing on the post World War II period, with increasing focus given to more current works. The collection of theoretical works in management will not be governed by any chronological limitation.

2. Geographic Focus

Management practices in the major industrialized countries will be the focus of collection activities. The collection of theoretical works in management will not be governed by any geographic limitation.

3. Formats and Materials Collected

The collecting emphasis is on current monographs and journals. Monographs with CD-ROM’s may be added. Reference works (including online sources), technical reports, government document, and professional association publication are also collected. Bibliographies and conference proceedings are added on a selective basis.

Textbooks are not routinely added to the collection except for the highly selective acquisition of current titles which provide a broad overview of subject areas.

Microforms, audio, and video recordings will be acquired selectively or as requested by faculty.

Any change in the format in which journal literature is collected, e.g. from paper to electronic access, will be governed by the Libraries’ policy.


4. Formats and Materials Not Collected

The only limitation on formats and materials collected is that the devices and software necessary for their use be available in the Libraries.

5. Publication/Imprint Dates

Emphasis is placed on the acquisition of works currently available, with retrospective materials purchased very selectively.

6. Place of Publication

No limitation on items to be added to the collection will be made strictly based on place of publication.

7. Languages Collected

Material is collected only in the English Language. Translations into English are considered based on the other parameters put forth in this policy.


C. Summary of Subjects Collected and Collecting Levels See Appendix A for details.

D. Subjects Excluded

Subjects specifically excluded from the management collection are indicated by a “0" code in the collecting lever. See Appendix A for details.

E. Related Collections and Cooperative Efforts

Research in management may be facilitated through the use of statistical data files available from the Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR). These files and related documentation may be downloaded directly from ICPSR using the Libraries’ home page.

The Libraries maintains a collection of paper annual reports for companies listed in the Fortune 500. While the information is duplicated in many online databases and may be available through companies web cites, these reports are useful to the first time user of business information.

F. Related Collection Development Policies

The collection development policies in Accounting, Economics, Finance, and Marketing may be of interest to users of this policy.

G. Related Collection Evaluations -


Appendix A – Specific Subjects Collected (with Collecting Levels)

MGMT 360    MGMT 362    MGMT 430    MGMT 462    MGMT 464    MGMT 561    International Economic Relations    MGMT 660    MGMT 661    MGMT 662    MGMT 663    MGMT 680    TQM & Six Sigma    MGMT 885   
HRM 466    HRM 664    HRM 666    HRM 668    Career Development & HRM    IB 600

  Collecting Level
Course Supported Call Number Range Actual Desired
MGMT 360: Management and Organizational Behavior        
Corporate Identity/Image HD5959.6 C1 C1
History of Management Thought HD30.530.65 C1 C1
Management - Dictionaries/Encyclopedias HD19 C1 C1
Management - Dictionaries/Encyclopedias/Terminology HD30.1530.17 C1 C1
Management - General (call number no longer used) HD30 C1 C1
Management - General Works/Treatises/Textbooks HD31 C2 NC
Management - General Works/Treatises/Textbooks (translations) HD3537 D NC
Management - Miscellaneous Topics HD69other D D
Management - Miscellaneous Topics (call number no longer used) HD2128 C2 NA
Management - Miscellaneous Topics (call number no longer used) HD38 C2 NA
Management and its Relation to the Social Sciences HD30.19 D D
Management Education HD30.42 C2 C2
Management Science - Text Books HD30.25 NC NC
Managers/Management (call number no longer used) HD20 C1 NA
Organizational Behavior HD58.758.78 C1 C1
MGMT 362: Managing People in Organizations        
Conflict Management HD42 C1 C1
Job Satisfaction HF5549.5.J63 C1 C1
Nature of Work HD49044904.3 C2 C2
Occupational Stress HF5548.835548.85 C1 C1
Time Management HD69T54 C1 C1
Work & Family HD4904.25 C2 C2
Work & Leisure Time HD4904.54904.6 C2 C2
Work Ethic HD4905 C2 C2
Work, Quality/Sociology of HD69516957 C1 C2
MGMT 430: Business, Govermnent, and Society        Appendix A
Corporate Environmentalism HD30.255 C2 C2
Ethics HF5387 C1 C1
Ethics & Social Responsibility HD6060.5 C1 C1
Government and Industrial Organization HD3611 C1 C1
Government Inspection of Business HD36613790.9 C2 D
Government Planning HD87.5 C1 C1
Government Regulation/Support of Industry - General HD3612 C1 C1
Government Regulation/Support of Industry - Non-U.S. HD3616other C2 C2
Government Regulation/Support of Industry - United States HD3616U... C1 C1
Industrial Pollution HD69P6 C2 C2
Industrial Safety for Workers HD70607273 C1 C2
Industrial Safety for Workers-Geographic Focus HD76517780.8 C2 C2
Labor & The State HD77958004 C1 C1
Labor in Politics HD80768079 C2 C2
Social Insurance - General HD70887090 C2 C2
Social Security - Non U.S. HD71307252 C2 C2
Social Security-General Works and Federal Government Program HD71237129 C2 C2
State Owned Industries HD38404465 C1 D
The State and Industrial Organization HD36113790.9 C1 C1
Unemployment Insurance HD70917096 C1 C1
Working Conditions/Worker Safety (call number no longer used) HD72617284 C1 NA
MGMT 462: Leading and Motivating        
Employee Participation HD56505660 C1 C1
Empowerment HD50.5 C2 C1
Leadership HD57.557.7 C1 C1
MGMT 464: Communicating Effectively in Organizations        
Business Communications HF57175746 C1 C1
Communication Information Sources in Business HD30.35 C2 C2
Communication Systems in Business HD30.335 C2 C2
Corporate Communications (Formal) HD30.3 C1 C1
MGMT 561: Introduction to International Economics and Business        Appendix A
Foreign Commercial Policy/Protectionism HF14101411 C1 C1
International Economic Relations - Africa HF16111617.4 C2 C2
International Economic Relations - Asia HF15831610 C1 C1
International Economic Relations - Communist Countries/East West Trade   HF4050 C2 0
International Economic Relations - Developing Countries HF1413 C2 C2
International Economic Relations - Economic Integration HF1418.5 C1 C1
International Economic Relations - Europe HF15311582.7 C1 C1
International Economic Relations - General HF13511359 C1 C1
International Economic Relations - Global Competition HF1414 C1 C1
International Economic Relations - International Commodity Control HF1428 D D
International Economic Relations - Latin America HF1480.51530 C1 C1
International Economic Relations - Misc. HF14291454 D D
International Economic Relations - Misc. HF1412 D D
International Economic Relations - North America HF14531480 C1 C1
International Economic Relations - Sanctions HF1413.5 C2 C2
International Economic Relations - Trading Blocks HF1418.7 C1 C1
International Economic Relations - United States HF30003212 C1 C1
International Trade - General HF13711408 C1 C1
International Trade - International Trade - Africa HF38713937 C2 C2
International Trade - International Trade - Asia HF37513868 C1 C1
International Trade - International Trade - Europe HF34913750.7 C1 C1
International Trade - International Trade - Latin Am. HF3230.53490 C1 C1
International Trade - International Trade - North Am. HF32123230 C2 C1
Tarrif Policy HF17011723 C1 C1
Tarrif Policy - Foreign Coutries HF17612580.7 C2 C2
Tarrif Policy - United States HF17311757 C1 C1
MGMT 660: Designing Effective Organizations        Appendix A
Alliances/Networks HD69S8 C1 C1
Automation and the Labor Force HD6331 C1 C1
Barriers to Entry HD2756.5 C2 C2
Board of Directors HD2745 C1 C1
Bureaucracy HD38.4 D D
Capacity HD69C3 C2 C2
Competition HD41 C1 C1
Conglomerates HD27562756.2 C1 C1
Consulting HD69C6 C1 C2
Cooperatives HD29513580 C2 D
Corporate Meetings HD27432744 C1 C1
Corporate Organization and Administration - General HD2741 C1 C1
Corporation HD27092736 C1 C1
Corporation - Growth/Consolidation/Mergers/Acquisitions HD27462748 C1 C1
Cost Management HD4747.5 C1 C1
Delegation HD50 C1 C1
Division of Labor HD51 C1 C2
Downsizing HD58.85 C2 C1
Executives HD38.1538.25 C1 C1
Executives (call number no longer used) HF5500.2 NA NA
Executives-Women and Minorities (call number no longer used) HF5500.3 NA NA
High Tech Companies HD62.37 C2 C2
Home Business/Working at Home HD23332339 C2 C2
Industrial Concentration (e.g. monopolies) HD27572757.5 C2 C2
Industrial Organization - Theory/General Works HD23502385 C1 C1
Innovation HD4545.2 C1 C1
Location Analysis HD5858.65 D D
Organizational Change and Development HD58.8 C1 C1
Organizational Effectiveness HD58.958.95 C1 C1
Process Planning HD58.87 C2 C1
Production HD69P7 C1 C1
Productivity (Corporate) HD5656.25 C1 C1
Project Management HD69P75 C1 C1
Scale of Production HD69S5 C2 C2
Technology and its Impact on Work HD6331.2 C1 C2
MGMT 661: Coaching, Developing, and Mentoring        
Organizational Learning HD58.82 C2 C1
Supervision - General HF5549.12 C2 C1
Supervision - International HF5549.2other C2 C2
Supervision - United States HF5549.2U5... C1 C1
MGMT 662: Managing Workplace Diversity        
College Students/Recent Graduates in the Labor Force HD6276.56278 C1 C2
Middle Aged & Older Workers in the Labor Force HD62796300.5 C1 C1
Minorities in the Labor Force HD63046305 C2 C1
Minority Labor HD8081 C1 C1
Rehabilitation of the Disabled and the Work Force HD72557256 C2 C2
Summer Employment/Young Workers HD62716276 C1 C2
Women in the Labor Force HD60506223 C1 C1
MGMT 663: Building Effective Work Teams        
Groups, Teamwork HD6666.2 C1 C1
MGMT 680: Making Effective Decisions        Appendix A
Business Intelligence/Trade Secrets HD38.7 C2 C2
Creativity in Management HD53 C1 C1
Crisis Management HD49 C1 C1
Decision Making in Business HD69D4 C1 C1
Decision Making in Business HD30.23 C1 C1
Forecasting, Business HD30.27 C1 C1
Inflationary Environment, Managing in HD69I6 C2 C2
Problem Solving in Business HD30.29 C1 C1
Risk Management HD61 C1 C1
MGMT 812: Introduction to Total Quality Management      
TQM & Six Sigma   HD62.15 C1 C1
MGMT 869: Research in Behavioral Science      
Management Research HD30.4 C2 C2
Management Research (call number no longer used) HD20.3 C2 C2
MGMT 885: Advanced Strategic Management      
Individual Industries and Trades (x Communciations & Transportation) HD90009999 C2 C2
Strategic Management HD30.28 C1 C1
HRM 466: Fundamentals of Human Relations        
Alcoholism and HRM HF5549.5.A4 C2 C2
Communication and HRM HF5549.5.C6 C2 C2
Counseling and HRM HF5549.5.C8 C2 C2
Drug Abuse and HRM HF5549.5.D7 C2 C2
Employee Theft and HRM HF5549.5.E43 C2 C2
Human Resource Management/Personnel - Misc. HF5549.5other C2 C2
Industrial Psychology HF5548.75548.8 C2 C2
Minorities and HRM HF5549.5.M5 C2 C2
Motivation and HRM HF5549.5.M63 C2 C2
Personnel/Human Resources Management HF5549 C1 C1
HRM 664: Labor Relations        Appendix A
Arbitration HD54815630.7 C1 C1
Child Labor HD62286270 D D
Labor - Biographies HD8073 D D
Labor - History (by period) HD80688072.5 C2 C2
Labor - History (general) HD8066 C1 C1
Labor - Miscellaneous HD80578064.2 D D
Labor & The Church HD63386338.2 D D
Labor Disputes HD53065474 C1 C1
Labor Unions HD63506948 C1 C1
Labor/Industrial Relations HD6958.56976 C1 C1
Unions (specific) - U.S. HD8055 C1 C1
Unions/Collective Bargaining HD80058005.6 C1 C1
Unions/Collective Bargaining-Non U.S. - Geographic Focus HD8013 C2 C2
Unions/Collective Bargaining-United States HD80088012 C1 C1
Working Hours HD51065267 C1 C1
HRM 666: Human Resource Selection        
Affirmative Action HF5549.5.A34 C1 C1
Discremination/Equal Employment/Affirmative Action HD49034903.5 C1 C1
Dismissal of Employees HF5549.5.D55 C1 C1
Employees, Recruitment of HF5549.5.R44 C1 C1
Employees, Selection of HF5549.5.S38 C1 C1
Employment and HRM HF5549.5.E5 C2 C2
Employment in Foreign Countries and HRM HF5549.5.E45 C2 C2
Interviewing and HRM HF5549.5.I6 C1 C1
Job Analysis and HRM HF5549.5.J6 C1 C1
Job Evaluation HF5549.5.J62 C1 C1
Manpower Planning and HRM HF5549.5.M3 C2 C2
Occupations and HRM HD8039 C2 C2
Performance Appraisal (Rating) HF5549.5.R3 C1 C1
Professional Employment HD8038 C2 C2
Self-Employment HD80368037 C2 C2
HRM 668: Compensation        Appendix A
Benefits HD4932 C1 C1
Compensation and HRM HF5549.5.C67 C2 C2
Employee Assistance and HRM HF5549.5.E42 C2 C2
Health Insurance (company provided) HD71017104.5 C2 C2
Incentives and HRM HF5549.5.I5 C1 C1
Methods of Renumeration HD49254928 C1 C1
Minimum Wage HD49174924 C2 C2
Pensions & Retirement Planning HD71057116 C1 C1
Professional Salaries/Fees HD49644966 C2 C2
Wages - General HD49064916 C1 C1
Wages - Geographic Focus HD49675100.7 C2 C2
Wages & Cost of Living HD69777059 C1 C1
Wages & Production HD49454946 C1 C1
HRM 669: Training and Development      
Career Development and HRM   HF5549.5.C35 C2 C2
Employees, Training of HF5549.5.T7 C1 C1
Human Capital HD4904.7 C2 C2
Productivity (Individual) HD57 C2 C2
IB 600: International Management    

 Appendix A

Corporation - Geographic Focus HD28082932 C1 C1
Foreign Relations & Business HD69F6 C2 C2
International Business Enterprises HD27552755.5 C1 C1
International Management - General HD62.462.47 C1 C1
International Management - General (call number no longer used) HD69I7 C1 NA
International Management - Geographic Focus (non U.S.) HD70other C1 C1
International Management - Geographic Focus (U.S.) HD70U5 C1 C1
Multinationals HD69I5 C1 C1
Work/Workers - Geographic Focus (non U.S.) HD80838943 C2 C2
World Economy HD87 C1 C1
Agriculture HD14012210 D D
GMAT Review Books HD30.413 NC NC

Appendix B – Explanation of Collecting Levels and Codes


Written by: Brian Williams