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A. Purpose of Collection Program Information

The communication collection primarily supports the curricular and research needs of students and faculty within the Elliott School of Communication. The School presently offers programs leading to a bachelorís degree in Communication in five concentration areas in addition to an open emphasis degree which is tailored to the students needs under the guidance of the School. A Masters of Arts in Communication may be earned by students in the Elliott School or by students focusing on Theatre/Drama, and may be completed employing either a thesis or a non-thesis option. A Certificate in Applied Communication, requiring eighteen hours of course work, is also offered by the School for professionals interested in improving their understanding of the various aspects of communication.

The collection may most easily be considered through an understanding of the five undergraduate concentration areas:

Strategic Communication.

A generalist approach is taken in this concentration which focuses on interpersonal communication, organizational communication, and Public Affairs.

Broadcast Journalism.

Core Courses for this concentration:

COMM 401 - Beat Reporting

COMM 422 - Broadcast News

COMM 622 - Studio B: Practicum in Broadcast Journalism

Electronic Media.

Core Courses for this concentration:

COMM 303 - Audio Production

COMM 304 - Studio Video Production

COMM 332 - Writing for Electronic Media

COMM 604 - Field Video Production

COMM 609 - Interactive Media Production

Integrated Marketing Communications.

Core Courses for this concentration:

COMM 324 - Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communication

COMM 502 - Public Information Writing

COMM 510 - Editing for Print

COMM 525 - Advertising Copywriting

COMM 626 - Integrated Marketing Communications Campaigns

Print Journalism.

Core Courses for this concentration:

COMM 310 - Introductory Photojournalism

COMM 401 - Beat Reporting

COMM 500 - Advanced Reporting

COMM 510 - Editing for Print

Collection Description

The communications collection currently includes roughly 5,000 monographic and serial volumes. The Libraries subscribes to thirty-four communications journals, and has holdings in an additional forty titles. The reference collection is relatively small, composed of less than fifty volumes. Indexes to the journal literature makes up the most significant portion of the reference collection. ComIndex, an online index to about ninety titles specific to communication, is limited as it does not contain abstracts or provide indexing through a controlled vocabulary. Indexes useful in communication research also include the education database ERIC for research in communication theory, and the business databases ABI/INFORM for theoretical articles on organizational communication and marketing, and Business and Company Resource Center for articles dealing with specific marketing campaigns. The database LEXIS Academic includes the full text of major newspapers published in the United States but unfortunately does not provide the layout. LEXIS Academic also provides transcripts from most television news programs.

Anticipated Trends

Increasing globalizationís effect on the media is perhaps the major trend which will effect the content focus of collection development in communication in the future. An increased attention will be given to international media and the media in a greater number of nations in the collection. The trend toward electronic media and away from print media will also greatly impact the character of works collected. And as is true of all social science disciplines, the continuing importance of interdisciplinary approaches to communication research will result in the purchasing of material which does not fall strictly into the communication collectionís parameters.

B. Scope of Coverage

    1. Chronological Focus

      As Communication as a discipline is a fairly recent phenomenon, works specific to the communication collection will thus be writings deriving primary from the twentieth and twenty first centuries. The focus of the works collected will not be specifically limited by time period, but will fall in large part into the eighteenth century forward.

    2. Geographic Focus

      No geographical limitations will be placed on works to be added to the communications collection. However, works dealing with the media added to the collection will tend to be primarily those which concentrate predominately with the United States media as it is the world leader. The collection of theoretical works in communication will be not be governed by any geographic limitation.

    3. Formats and Materials Collected

      The collecting emphasis is on current monographs and journals. Monographs with CD-ROMís may be added. Reference works (including online sources), technical reports, government document, and professional association publication are also collected. Bibliographies and conference proceedings are added on a selective basis.

      Textbooks are not routinely added to the collection except for the highly selective acquisition of current titles which provide a broad overview of subject areas.

      Microforms, audio, and video recordings will be acquired selectively or when requested by faculty.

      Any change in the format in which journal literature is collected, e.g. from paper to electronic access, will be governed by the Librariesí policy.

    4. Formats and Materials Not Collected

      The only limitation on formats and materials collected is that the devices and software necessary for their use be available in the Libraries.

    5. Publication/Imprint Dates

      Emphasis is on the acquisition of works currently available in print, with retrospective materials purchased very selectively.

    6. Place of Publication

      No limitation on items to be added to the collection will be made strictly based on place of publication.

    7. Languages Collected

Material is collected only in the English Language. Translations into English are considered based on the other parameters put forth in this policy.

C. Summary of Subjects Collected and Collecting Levels

(See Appendix A and Appendix B for Details)

D. Subjects Excluded

No subjects will be specifically excluded from the communications collection.

E. Related Collections and Cooperative Efforts

Research in communication may be facilitated through the use of statistical data files available from the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR). These files are available for direct downloading through the Librariesí Home Page.

F. Related Collection Development Policies

The collection development policies in Marketing and Theatre will be of special interest to users of this policy.

G. Related Collection Evaluations - none

Subject Librarian: Brian Williams, Business Librarian
Created: 31 December 2003

General   The Media   Speech   Theory     Journalism General   Geographically Focused
  Types of Publications   Types of Journalism   Reporting and Editing

Current Collection


Collection Goal
Communication - General
P87.5 Communication Dictionaries/Encyclopedias C1 C1
P88.8 Communication Handbooks C1 C1
P87 Communication Journals and Serials C1 C1
KF2750-2849 Communication Law C1 C1
Communication - The Media
P96 .A83 Audiences, Media C1 C1
P96 .C4... Censorship of the Media C1 C1
P95.815 Communication Planning/Strategy C1 C1
P92 Country/Area Specific Studies of Media (including U.S.) C1 C1
P94.5 (other) Cultural Communications (specific groups) C1 C1
P96 .E25... Economics of the Media C1 C1
P96 .S45-.S5 Gender/Sex and the Media C1 C1
P96 .I5 Global Communications C1 C1
PN4888 .I53 Influence of the Media - U.S. C1 C1
P91.5 International Media (including U.S.) C1 C1
P91.25 Issues/Responsibilities in Communications/Mass Media C1 C1
P96 .L34 Language and the Media C1 C1
P96 .C76 Mass Media/Communications Criticism C1 C1
P91.6 Media as a Profession C2 C2
P94 Media Ethics C1 C1
P96 .M34 Media Management C1 C1
P94.6... Media Relationship to "Culture" C1 C1
P96 .T42... Media Technology C1 C1
P96 (other) Miscellaneous Topics and the Media (not included elsewhere) C2 D
P90-91 MM/Communications: Intros, Textbooks, General Books C2 D
P95.82 Political Aspects of Comm. (individual countries/areas, primarily U.S.) C1 C1
P95.8 Political Aspects of Communication C1 C1
P96 .P75 Psychology and the Media C1 C1
P91.3 Research Methods in Mass Media C1 C1
P96 .E57... The Environment and the Media C1 C1
P92.2 Third World Communications C2 C1
P96 .V5... Violence and the Media C1 C1
P94.5 .W65... Women and Communications C1 C1
Communication - Speech
PN4193 .B8 Business Speaking C1 C1
PN4181 Debate/Debating/Arumentation C1 C1
PN4151-4173 Diction C1 C1
PN4197 Diction Help Guides C2 D
PN4193 .D5 Discussions (Group) C1 C1
PN4076 Forensics - General C1 C1
PN4066 Humor in Public Speaking C2 C2
PN4193 .L4 Lecturing C1 C1
PN4111-4142 Oral Communications: Intros, Textbooks, General Books C2 D
PN4145 Oral Interpretation C1 C1
PN4193 .P6 Political Speaking C1 C1
PN4199-4699 Recitations C1 C1
PN4071 Speech Communication Journals C1 C1
P95 Speech Communications C1 C1
PN4001 Speech Journals/Serials C1 C1
PN4077 Speech/Communication Monographic Series C1 C1
P95.55 Structure/Theory of Speech C1 C1
PN4086-4105 Teaching Speech C1 C1
P95.3-95.4 Teaching Speech Communications C1 C1
PN4192-93 (other) Topics in Speech C2 D
P95.54 Types of Speech C1 C1
Communication - Theory
P93 Content Analysis C1 C1
P95.45 Conversation C1 C1
P95.455 Dialog C1 C1
BF637 .C45 Interpersonal Communication (Psychology Focus) C1 C1
P95.46 Listening C1 C1
BF637 .N66 Non-Verbal Communication (Psychology Focus) C1 C1
P99.5 Non-Verbal Communication (Linguistic Focus) C1 C1
HF5549.5 .C6 Organizational Communication C1 C1
P95.52 Questioning C1 C1
PN4012 Rhetoric - General C1 C1
PN4055-4057 Rhetoric - Geographic Focus C1 C1
PN4021 Rhetoric - History C1 C1
PN4051 Rhetoric and Civility C1 C1
PN4061 Rhetorical Criticism C1 C1
P95.53 Silence C1 C1
P92.5 Studies of Communication Theorists and their Work C1 C1
P93.5 Symbol/Image/Visual Analysis C1 C1
Journalism - General
PN4797 Careers in Journalism C2 C2
PN4784 .C6 Circulation (How-to books) C2 C2
PN4756 Ethics and the Press C1 C1
PN4888 .E8 Ethics of Journalism - U.S. C1 C1
PN4745 Impact/Effect of the Press C1 C1
PN4785-4788 Journalism Education C1 C1
PN4871 Journalists - U.S. - Collective Biographies C2 D
PN4874 Journalists - U.S. - Individual Biographies C2 D
PN4872 Journalists - U.S. - Women C2 C2
PN4888 .O25 Objectivity in Journalism - U.S. C1 C1
PN4784 .O24 Objectivity in Journalism (How-to books) C2 C2
PN4888 .O85 Ownership of the Press - U.S. C1 C1
PN4712-4714 Press Agencies C1 C1
PN4749 Purpose of the Press C1 C1
PN4738-4739 Relationship of the Press & State C1 C1
PN4888 .S6 Social Aspects of Journalism - U.S. C1 C1
PN4838 The Press - Anecdotes C2 NC
PN4820-4823 The Press - Biography C2 D
PN4733 The Press - Books of Essays C1 C1
PN4724 The Press - Collected Articles C1 C1
PN4726 The Press - Collected Editorials C1 C1
PN4798 The Press - Competitions/Awards C1 C1
PN4717-4722 The Press - Conferences/Monographic Series C1 C1
PN4728 The Press - Dictionaries/Compendia C1 C1
PN4801-4815 The Press - History, General C1 C1
PN4725 The Press - Indexes to Journals/Serials C1 C1
PN4700 The Press - Journals & Serials C1 C1
PN4736 The Press - Miscellaneous Topics C2 D
PN4759 The Press - Relation to Literature C2 D
PN4751 The Press - Relation to Politics C1 C1
PN4771 The Press - Relation to the Stage C2 D
PN4735 The Press & Society C1 C1
PN4748 The Press & Society - country focused C1 C1
PN4888 (other) Topics in Journalism - U.S. (not included elsewhere) C1 C1
PN4784 (other) Topics in The Press (not included elsewhere) C1 C1
PN4888 .W65 Women in Journalism - U.S. C1 C1
PN4784 .W7 Women in Journalism (How-to books) C2 C2
Journalism - Geographically Focused
PN5450-5499 The Press - Africa C1 C1
PN5360-5449 The Press - Asia C1 C1
PN5511-5639 The Press - Australasia C1 C1
PN4901-4920 The Press - Canada C1 C1
PN5161-5359 The Press - Europe - Country Specific C1 C1
PN5110 The Press - Europe - General C1 C1
PN5111-5160 The Press - Europe - Great Britain C1 C1
PN4930-5106 The Press - Latin America C1 C1
PN4853 The Press - U.S. - General Collections C1 C1
PN4867 The Press - U.S. - History, 20th Century C1 C1
PN4858-4864 The Press - U.S. - History, Early C1 C1
PN4855-4857 The Press - U.S. - History, General C1 C1
PN4841-4848 The Press - U.S. - Societies/Councils/Conferences C1 C1
Journalism - Types of Publications
PN4784 .C68 Comics, The (How-to books) C2 C2
PN4832 Magazines - History, General C1 C1
PN4833-4836 Magazines - Specialized C1 C1
PN4877-4781 Magazines - U.S. C1 C1
PN4888 .E6 Magazines, Employee - U.S. C1 C1
PN4900 Magazines, Individual - U.S. C1 C1
PN4784 .N5 Newsletters (How-to books) C2 C2
PN4734 Newspapers - Management C1 C1
PN4888 .C594 Newspapers, Community - U.S. C1 C1
PN4784 .S5 Newspapers, Small (How-to books) C2 C2
PN4731 Newspapers/The News C1 C1
LB3621 School Publications C1 C1
Journalism - Types of Journalism
PN4826-4628 Amateur Journalism C1 C1
PN4888 .B74 Broadcast Journalism - U.S. C1 C1
PN4784 .B75 Broadcast Journalism (How-to books) C2 C2
PN4888 .C59 Commercial Journalism - U.S. C1 C1
PN4784 .C7 Commercial Journalism (How-to books) C2 C2
PN4784 .C73 Community Journalism (How-to books) C2 C2
PN4784 .E5 Electronic Journalism (How-to books) C2 C2
PN4882-4885 Ethnic Press - U.S. C1 C1
PN4784 .P5 Photojournalism (How-to books) C2 C2
TR820 Photojournalism (Photography focused) C1 C1
PN4888 .P6 Political Journalism - U.S. C1 C1
PN4888 .R33 Radio Journalism - U.S. C1 C1
PN4784 .R2 Radio Journalism (How-to books) C2 C2
PN4784 .S6 Sports Journalism (How-to books) C2 C2
PN4784 .T3 Technical Journalism (How-to books) C2 C2
PN4888 .T4 Television Journalism - U.S. C1 C1
PN4784 .T4 Television Journalism (How-to books) C2 C2
PN4888 .N4 The Black Press - U.S. C1 C1
PN4891-4899 The Local Press - U.S. C1 C1
PN4888 .R4 The Religious Press - U.S. C1 C1
PN4888 .U5 The Underground Press - U.S. C1 C1
Reporting and Editing
PN4784 .C75 Copy Reading (How-to books) C2 C2
PN4888 .C8 Crime Reporting - U.S. C1 C1
PN4888 .D57 Disaster Reporting - U.S. C1 C1
PN4784 .D57 Disaster Reporting (How-to books) C2 C2
PN4784 .E28 Editorial Writing (How-to books) C2 C2
PN4784 .E53 Electronic News Gathering (How-to books) C2 C2
PN4888 .E65 Environmental Reporting - U.S. C1 C1
PN4784 .F37 Feature Writing (How-to books) C2 C2
PN4784 .F6 Foreign Press (How-to books) C2 C2
PN4784 .I6 Interviewing (How-to books) C2 C2
PN4778 News Editing C1 C1
PN4781 News Reporting C1 C1
PN4775 News Writing C1 C1
PN4888 .F69 Reporting on Foreign News - U.S. C1 C1
PN4784 .R4 Reviewing (How-to books) C2 C2
PN4784 .W37 War Reporting (How-to books) C2 C2
PN4783 Writing Technique - the Press C1 C1

APPENDIX BóExplanation of Collecting Levels and Codes