Compact Shelving Project, 2007

Explanation of Columns in Serials List

Column A: Call number of serial

Column B: Title of serial

Column C (Online Access): marked if title is available online via American Chemical Society, IEEE, or JSTOR

                 A = ACS titles with online access to full archives; print canceled for most titles
                 I  = IEEE titles; print canceled in 2003; archival access back to 1998
                 J = JSTOR titles with online access to full archives

Column D (Not in Cat.): marked if title is not yet available in the Online Catalog

Column E (Move to CS): marked for all titles, i.e. recommended for transfer to compact shelving

Column F (Retain Latest in Stacks): 

                  5 =  JSTOR titles with moving walls of 5 years or less, i.e. latest 5 years
                         of bound volumes will be retained in general stacks
                 10 =   JSTOR titles with moving walls of between 6 and 10 years, i.e. latest 10
                          years of bound volumes will be retained in general stacks

If “J” is in “Online Access” column and the “Retain Latest in Stacks” column is blank, then either the title is dead or reliable online
access is available for current issues. In either case, all bound volumes will be moved to compact shelving. If the title is not dead,
then current bound volumes will be added to compact shelving as they are available. No bound volumes will be kept in the general stacks.

Column G (Latest Volume on Shelf):  indicates latest year of volume on shelf during 2006 survey 

Column H (Linear Inches): gives the total linear inches of the volumes in the general stacks that would be moved to compact shelving

Column I (10 Years Growth): gives number of total linear inches that will be needed for growth in compact shelving over the next 10 years;
               only applicable to some JSTOR and ACS journals; all other titles are ceased or canceled.

Column J (Total): sum of columns H and I

Column K (Shelves Needed): total number of shelves to hold volumes


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