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Introduction to Asmat

The Asmat People and Their Culture 
Part of the American Museum of Asmat Art Web Site

Where Are the Asmat?
Introductory section of Asmat Art Galerie Web Site

Results of query in Encyclopedia Britannica Online

The World of the Asmat
Text and images at docent Web site for Singapore Zoological Gardens.


Map of Asmat Region
General map found at Asmat Art Galerie Web Site 

Asmat Cultural Regions
Map of villages where art works in Downing Collection of Asmat Art originated.     

Art Areas of Melanesia (Map of New Guinea and Adjacent Islands)
Map found at Art-Pacific Web site    
Languages of the Central and South New Guinea Stock in Irian Jaya
Map in Voorhoeve, C.L. (1980). The Asmat Languages of Irian Jaya. Pacific Linguistics Series B-64, Pacific Linguistics, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, Australian National University, Canberra

Map of West Papua

Museum Collections and Galleries

American Museum of Asmat Art 
One of most comprehensive collections of Asmat art in the United States; Crosier-sponsored museum ; detailed information about Asmat art and culture; links to other Asmat web sites; lists of book and video resources   

Asmat Art Galerie
Private collection of Gunter and Yrsula Konrad, editors of book, Asmat: Myth and Ritual.

Chiaramonte Collection of Asmat Art 
One of largest private collections of Asmat art housed at Equatorial Arts Gallery founded by Steven C. Chiarmonte; includes images.

Downing Collection of Asmat Art 
Wichita State University – Lowell D. Holmes Museum of Anthropology and Ulrich Museum of Art

Metropolitan Museum of Art 
Asmat objects housed in the Arts of African, Oceania, and the Americas collection; includes images and description of cultural significance of Asmat art works.

Specialized Web Sites with Links

Asmat Art - West Papua/Irian Jaya, Indonesia  
Part of web site; includes images and description of Asmat carvings and other artwork of art work; provides links to other Asmat sites and book lists

Asmat Program, Indo-Pacific Conservation Alliance
IPCA has been working with the Asmat people since April 1999 through their local community-based NGO that represents and articulates the interests of the Asmat in promoting sound and self-reliant economic development through the sustainable use of nature resources. 

Asmat Travels
Web site created by Steve Chiaramonte of Equatorial Arts Gallery on traveling in the Asmat region: preparations, what to expect, and how to get there.

The Hidden World of the Asmat (National Geographic Channel Photo Gallery)
Photographs taken by Jennifer Hile as part of recent "National Geographic On Assignment" feature on the Asmat.

Papua (Indonesia) WWW VL
Annotated guide to 347  web sites related to news, government, tourism, contemporary culture, environment, resource management, social and independence movements, churches and missions, social and scientific research.

Information network for researchers, development practitioners, community leaders, government agencies and others working on issues relevant to Papua, Indonesia (formerly Irian Jaya). Includes document archive, image archive, bibliographies, and other links.

Papua on the Net (Inside Indonesia)
Links to web sites and information related to Papua including newsgroups, art, culture, tourism, mega projects, human rights, independence movements, and research.
Comprehensive listing of Papua-related web pages.

Full-Text Research Materials

Irian, Bulletin of Irian Jaya (Development)
Journal published by the Department of Anthropology, Cenderawasih University (Uncen)

Papua - Document Archive
Links to theses and dissertations, journal articles, and reports - many in full-text  

Cosmology and Colonisation: History and Culture of the Asmat of Irian Jaya
PhD Disseration by Kerry Zubrinich, Charles Sturt University (for citations to other dissertation, see
PapuaWeb (Document Archive).

Cultural Correlates of Warfare Among the Asmat of South-West New Guinea
PhD Dissertation by David Bruener Eyde, 1967, Department of Anthropology, Yale University (for citations to other dissertation, see
PapuaWeb (Document Archive.)

Electronic Reserves (Wichita State University Libraries)
Then select “ASMAT” under Course.

Renaissance at the Jungle's Edge: Genesis, Prohibition and Rebirth in the Art and Ritual of the Asmat
Extensive essay written by Steven C. Chiaramonte in 1998 on Asmat art as guest curator of major exhibit at Utah Museum of Fine Arts

Zegwaard, Gerard A., Bibliography of
List of published and unpublished works of Gerard A. Zegwaard housed at the Catholic Documentation Centre in Nijmegen, Netherlands.  Zegwaard was a missionary in the Asmat region in the 1940's and 1950's and wrote an article on the headhunting practices of the Asmat which was published in American Anthropologist in 1959. (More information on the bibliography is found at

News and Current Events  

News and Views Online About Papua
Annotated guide to web sites with links to newsgroups and "chat" rooms, news, newspapers, and broadcast media.

LexisNexis Academic Universe*
Full-text links to news articles from national and international newspapers.

Full-text links to over 100 newspapers including Australian newspaper

Indexes to Magazine and Journal Articles*

Anthropological Literature

Anthropological Index Online

Other Electronic Databases

Indexes to Monographs and Videos

WSU Libraries Online Catalog  
Books, videos, and journals found in WSU libraries.

Catalog of books and other materials found in libraries worldwide.

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