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March 2007

Each month WSU Libraries' Department of Collection Development features a "Resource of the Month" designed to highlight some of the library's new, interesting, under-used, large, unique, or otherwise noteworthy collections and resources.  You can learn more about the "Resource of the Month" on this website, from the display in the reference area, by attending a workshop (if available), or by contacting the Reference Desk at 978-3584.

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CAMPUS research

Campus Research™ is a comprehensive collection of news, business and law-related information. Regardless of your discipline--social science, business, pre-law, marketing, political science, economics, accounting, and more--Campus Research has the information to meet your research needs.

This service contains thousands of news databases, including newspapers, magazines, newsletters, newswires, and broadcast transcripts which are all arranged geographically and topically and cover virtually every academic discipline.  Hundreds of business, professional and trade journals, and publications as well as law-related resources including both primary law and analysis with more law reviews and journals than other online research services are also included.

Upcoming Workshops

Westlaw Campus Research
Workshops in Room 217
March 12 11:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Monday
March 29 12:30 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. Thursday

The workshops are free.  For more information or to register, contact Nan Myers, Government Documents, Patents and Trademarks Librarian at or 978-5130. 

How Do I Access Campus Research?

There is a link on the WSU Libraries' website under Electronic Resources / Electronic Databases.  You have the option of looking for it under the subject links or the alphabetic links (  If you are accessing Campus Research from off-campus you will be prompted to enter your myWSU ID number and password for authentication purposes.

Why Should I Use Campus Research?

Campus Research combines breadth of news and business information with superior depth in law-related information.  It has experts' analysis from hundreds of law reviews and journals, encyclopedias and treatises as well as full-text legislation, regulations and court decisions. 

Campus Research provides several research helpers.  Key Numbers classifies points of law logically and consistently across all U.S. Jurisdictions which simplifies searching.  Using this Key Number system, KeySearch aids in building a precise query.  KeyCite® traces the history of a case, statute, administrative decision, or regulation and verifies whether or not it is still good law.  StatutesPlus links to everything that discusses a particular statute.

Features of Campus Research

  • KeySearch
  • Key Numbers
  • KeyCite®
  • StatuesPlus
  • Research Trail
  • News sources organized topically and geographically
  • Results listed by relevance
  • Natural Language searching
  • De-duplication

Related Websites

For assistance with Campus Research, contact Wichita State University Libraries' Research Services Desk at 978-3584.

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