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July 2007

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World Book Inc. is known for its standard for providing accuracy, objectivity, and reliability in research materials since 1917.  They are a leader in the production of award-winning encyclopedias, reference sources, and digital products.  Content is accurate, usable, accessible, and continually updated.  This comprehensive site includes all of the articles from the 22-volume print set, plus over 8,000 more.

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How Do I Access World Book Online?

There is a link on the WSU Libraries' website under Electronic Resources / Electronic Databases.  You have the option of looking for it under the subject links or the alphabetic links (  If you are accessing World Book Online from off-campus you will be prompted to enter your myWSU ID number and password for authentication purposes.

Why Should I Use World Book Online?

In addition to all the articles there are more than 9,500 pictures and maps, 115 videos and animations, 9,300 sounds, and more than 7,000 web sites.  This site includes 60,000 cross-reference links and links to selections from more than 100 important periodicals. 

World Book Online is a resource center with links to an atlas, an encyclopedia, a dictionary, an educators' toolbox, and "Explore Kansas."   The main search screen allows the user to search several resources at one time.  Search for sound and pictures, as well as text.  There is also a Browse feature which allows the user to browse by title in all databases, by title and subject in the encyclopedia articles and research guides, and by title and by year in the "Back in Time" articles. 

Also available is the "Spanish-Language Encyclopedia" which features an alphabetical listing of topics.  The entry titles can be viewed in either English or Spanish but articles are only available in Spanish.   "Surf the Ages" gives a unique perspective to history.  It provides simulated web sites as they might have been if the World Wide Web had existed throughout history.  Real history with a Web twist.

Under the "Educators' Tools" tab are links to correlations from World Book content to Kansas Curricular Standards, lesson plans, and professional links.  The professional links page can be bookmarked for quick reference and World Book accepts suggestions for "quality educational information sites" that are not listed.  This is a great resource for Education majors.

Features of World Book Online

  • "Behind the Headlines" - features summaries of important current events
  • "Today in History" - provides information on important events that happened on this day in history
  • "Explore Kansas" - interesting source for Kansas related facts and biographies

Related Websites

For assistance with World Book, contact Wichita State University Libraries' Research Services Desk at 978-3584.

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