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Grapes of Wrath John Steinbeck
Golden Apples Eudora Welty
Wapshot Scandal John Cheever
Delta Wedding Eudora Welty
Stories of John Cheever John Cheever
Jubilee Margaret Walker
For My People Margaret Walker
Devilseed Frank Yerby
McKenzie's Hundred Frank Yerby
Where the Wild Grape Grows Dorothy West
Wedding Dorothy West
Wind from an Enemy Sky D'Arcy McNickle
Legacy of D'Arcy McNickle John Lloyd Purdy
Singing an Indian Song Dorothy R Parker
Surrounded D'Arcy McNickle
Devil's Stocking Nelson Algren
Last Carousel Nelson Algren
Walk on the Wild Side Nelson Algren
Children of God Vardis Fisher
Love and Death Vardis Fisher
Toilers of the Hills Vardis Fisher
Spunk Zora Neale Hurston
Moses, Man of the Mountain Zora Neale Hurston
Their Eyes Were Watching God Zora Neale Hurston
Star Thrower Loren Eiseley
Notes of an Alchemist Loren Eiseley
Working [video recording] Stephen Schwartz
P.S.: Further Thoughts from a Lifetime of Listening Studs Turkel
Hard Times Studs Turkel
Good War Studs Turkel
Working Studs Turkel
Native Son Richard Wright
Black Boy Richard Wright
Savage Holiday Richard Wright
Rite of Passage Richard Wright
Uncle Tom's Children Richard Wright
One Writer's Imagination Suzanne Marrs
Thirteen Stories Eudora Welty
One Time, One Place Eudora Welty
Collected Novels Conrad Aiken
Ceremony and Other Stories Weldon Kees
Selected Short Stories of Weldon Kees Weldon Kees
King of Spain Maxwell Bodenheim
Replenishing Jessica Maxwell Bodenheim
Against this Age Maxwell Bodenheim
Victim Saul Bellow
Dangling Man Saul Bellow
Theft Saul Bellow
Small Planets Saul Bellow
Enormous Radio John Cheever
Vintage Cheever John Cheever
Nature May Swenson
Going to the Territory Ralph Ellison
Juneteenth Ralph Ellison
Invisible Man Ralph Ellison
Novels, 1942-1952 John Steinbeck
East of Eden John Steinbeck
Shadowed Country Josh Gosciak
Banjo Claude McKay
Sacramental Acts Kenneth Rexroth
Natural Numbers Kenneth Rexroth
New Poems Kenneth Rexroth
Complete Love Poems of May Swenson May Swenson
Selected Poems Conrad Aiken
WPA Guide to 1930's Kansas Federal Writers' Project of the Work Projects Administration for the State of Kansas
Mountain Man Vardis Fisher
House of Dust Conrad Aiken
Thirteen Uncollected Stories John Cheever
Eudora Welty as Photographer Eudora Welty
Eudora Welty: Photographs Eudora Welty
The Dream and the Deal Jerry Mangione
Soul of a People David A Taylor
America Eats! Pat Willard

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