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These books were on display at Ablah Library from April 2007 to May 2007.

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Adobe Photoshop Elements 3 in a Snap Jennifer Fulton
Teach Yourself Blogging Nat McBride and Jamie Carson
Publishing a blog with Blogger Elizabeth Castro
How to Say It: Persuasive Presentations Jeff Jacobi
Creating a Web Site with Flash 8 David Morris
Web Style Guide: Basic design principles for creating web sites Patrick J. Lynch
Impact of Tablet PCs and pen-based technology on education Dave A. Berque
Creating a presentation in Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 Tom Negrino
Photoshop for Right-Brainers Al Ward
Hidden Power of Photoshop Elements 3 Richard Lynch
Special Edition Using Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 Patrice-Anne Rutledge
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 Step-By-Step Joyce Cox
Photoshop CS2 Stephen Romaniello
Podcasting Bible Mitch Ratcliffe
Teamwork Models and experience in education Howard G. Garner
Building Successful Virtual Teams Francine Gignac
Cooperative work groups: preparing students for the real world Scot Mandel
Collaborative Learning Techniques Elizabeth Barkley
Cooperative Learning: the social and intellectual outcomes of learning in groups Robyn Gillies
Peer Learning in higher education David Boud
Creating E-portfolios using PowerPoint Kathleen Montgomery
Asking the right questions Edie Holcomb
Presentation Skills workshop Sherron Bienvenu
How to prepare, stage, and deliver winning presentations Thomas Leech
Creating teams with an edge N/A
Understanding Teams Linda L. Neider
Book of JavaScript Thau
Teaching and learning with virtual teams Shamila Pixy Ferris
Computer-supported collaborative learning in higher education Tim Roberts
Show Me Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 Steve Johnson
Photoshop Elements 5 Workflow Tim Grey
Creating Dynamic multimedia presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint Carol Lehman
Virtual and Collaborative teams Susan Godar
Emerging E-collaboration concepts and applications Ned Kock

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