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Body and Narrative in Contemporary Literatures in German Herta Müller, Libuse Monikova, Kerstin Hensel
Contemporary Women's Writing in German Brigid Haines and Margaret Littler
Herztier: Roman Herta Müller
Traveling on One Leg Herta Müller
Land of Green Plums Herta Müller
Reisende auf Einem Bein Herta Müller
Teufel Sitzt im Spiegel Herta Müller
Appointment Herta Müller
Peace Process William B Quandt
Herta Müller Brigid Haines
Obama Education Plan n/a
American Journey of Barack Obama the Editors of Life
Obama: From Promise to Power David Mendell
Life Sciences for the 21st Century E. Keinan, I. Schechter, M. Sela
Structural Studies of Protein-Nucleic Acid Interaction Thomas A Steitz
US Foreign Policy in the Middle East Kyle Baxter and Shahram Akbarzadeh
Islam and Peacemaking in the Middle East Nathan C Funk and Abdul Aziz Said
Audacity of Hope Barack Obama
Passport Herta Müller
Decision-Related Research on the Organization of Service Delivery in Metropolitan Areas Elinor Ostrom
Delivery of Urban Services Elinor Ostrom
Trust and Reciprocity Elinor Ostrom and James Walker
Institutional Incentives and Sustainable Development Elinor Ostrom, Larry Schroeder, Susan Wynne
Governing the Commons Elinor Ostrom
Choice Fulfilled Charles K Kao
Charge-Coupled Devices Roger Melen and Dennis Buss
Economic Analysis of Institutions and Organisations Oliver E Williamson
Economic Institutions of Capitalism Oliver E Williamson
Industrial Organization Oliver E Williamson
Markets and Hierarchies Oliver E Williamson
Understanding Knowledge as a Commons Elinor Ostrom and Charlotte Hess
Telomeres Elizabeth Blackburn, Titia de Lange, Vicki Lundblad
Elizabeth Blackburn and the Story of Telomeres Catherine Brady
RNA World Raymond F Gesteland and John F Atkins
Harvey Lectures n/a
Understanding Institutional Diversity Elinor Ostrom
Strategies of Political Inquiry Elinor Ostrom
Mechanisms of Governance Oliver E Williamson
Corporate Control and Business Behavior Oliver E Williamson
Antitrust Economics Oliver E Williamson
Economics of Discretionary Behavior Oliver E Williamson
Economic Organization Oliver E Williamson
Talking with Elizabeth Blackburn (videorecording) Genetics Society of America
Drama of the Commons (e-book) Elinor Ostrem
Nadirs Herta Müller

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