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Mr. Lincoln's T-Mails Tom Wheeler
Collected Works Marion Dolores Pratt
Dark Intrigue Frank Van Der Liden
Literary Works Carl Van Doren
One Man Great Enough John C. Waugh
Dear Mr. Lincoln Harold Holzer
Mary Lincoln, Wife and Widow Carl Sandburg
Language of Liberty Joseph Fornieri
Out of the Wilderness William Hanchett
Lincoln's Youth Louis A Warren
Honor's Voice Douglas L Wilson
Lincoln's Assassins Roy Z Chamlee, Jr.
Lincoln & the Politics of Slavery John S Wright
Gettysburg Noah Andre Trudeau
Lincoln's Greatest Speech Ronald C White, Jr.
Real Lincoln Thomas J DiLorenzo
Lincoln's Rise to the Presidency William C Harris
Blood on the Moon Edward Steers, Jr
Lincoln, the War President Gabor S Boritt
Lincoln Legends Edward Steers, Jr.
Father Abraham Richard Striner
House of Abraham Stephen Berry
Lincoln's Sword Douglas L Wilson
A. Lincoln/Jefferson Davis: The House Divided n/a
Lincoln's Sacred Effort Lucas E Morel
Lincoln in American Memory Merrill D Peterson
Reporter's Lincoln Walter B Stevens
Proverbial Abraham Lincoln Wolfgang Mieder
Lincoln's War Geoffery Perret
Lincoln Emancipated Brian R Dick
Abraham and Mary Lincoln [video recording] David Grubin (director)
Manhunt James L Swanson
Presidency of Abraham Lincoln Phillip Shaw Paludan
Lincoln and Kansas Carol Dark Ayres
Lincoln's Melancholy Joshua Wolf Shenk
Lincoln Richard Carwardine
Lincoln and the Decision for War Russell McClintock
Long Pursuit Roy Morris, Jr
Lincolns Daniel Mark Epstein
Lincoln's Lost Legacy Simon Topping
Abraham Lincoln Companion n/a
Lincoln Allen C Guelzo
Abraham Lincoln Matthew Pinsker
In Lincoln's Hand Harold Holzer
Abraham Lincoln Herbert Mitgang
Emancipation and Reconstruction, 1862-1979 Michael Perman
Dispatches from Lincoln's White House Michael Burlingame
Lincoln's Quest for Union Charles B Strozier
Abraham Lincoln Michael Burlingame
Holland's Life of Abraham Lincoln J.G. Holland

Book Cover Bibliography

The covers of the books listed below are on display in the exhibit.  If you want more information on the books, check with the Circulation Desk.

Lincoln and His Admirals
The Sword of Lincoln
The Darkest Dawn
The Intimate World of Abraham Lincoln
Lincoln's Legacy
Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation
Lincoln & Davis
The Lincoln-Douglas Debates
Caution and Cooperation
Abraham Lincoln
Lincoln President-Elect
The Language of Liberty
Angels and Ages
Abraham Lincoln and the Post-Heroic Era
Abraham Lincoln
"They Have Killed Papa Dead!"
Vindicating Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln and Robert Burns
President Lincoln
The Great Comeback

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