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These books are on display in the Ablah Library All of these books are available for checkout.  Ask at the Circulation Desk to borrow one of these titles.


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Kansas Wildlife Joseph T Collins
Consuming Nature Gregory Summers
After the Glory Donald Shaffer
Irreparable Harm Frank Snepp
Red Earth Bonnie Lynn-Sherow
Hitler Strikes Poland Alexander B Rossino
Blitzkrieg to Desert Storm Robert M Citino
Wendell Berry and the Agrarian Tradition Kimberly K Smith
Nature's Altars Susan Schrepfer
Slave Law in the American South Mark Tushnet
DeShaney Case Lynne Curry
Watering the Valley James Sherow
Ike's Letters to a Friend Robert Griffith
Battle for the Black Ballot Charles Zelden
Prairie Birds Paul Johnsguard
Recovering the Past Forrest McDonald
Translating Property Maria Montoya
Steeltown USA Sherry Lee Linkon and John Russo
Big Sky Rivers Robert Kelley Schneiders
Hitler's Police Battalions Edward B Westermann
Prohibition in Kansas Robert Smith Bader
CIA and Congress David M Barrett
Spies in the Himalayas MS Kohli, Kenneth Conboy
Grace Coolidge Robert H Ferrell
Sea Dragons Richard Ellis
Zapruder Film David R Wrone
Empowering the White House Karen M Hult, Charles E Walcott
Recruiting for Uncle Sam David R Segal
Cities on the Plains James R Shortridge
Flora of the Great Plains TM Barkley
Modern American Presidency Lewis L Gould
Benjamin Franklin Unmasked Jerry Weinberger
Splitting the Difference Martin Benjamin
Secret Weapons and World War II Walter E Grunden
Philadelphia Campaign, 1777-1778 Stephen R Taffe
Crucible of American Democracy Andrew Shankman
GI's Rabbi Greg Palmer, Mark Zaid
Looking Back at LBJ Mitchell Lerner
Lincoln and Davis: Imagining America Brian Dirck
Forgotten Survivors Richard C Lukas
Presidential Temples Benjamin Hufbauer
Menninger Lawrence J Friedman
Adoption Politics E Wayne Carp
Citizenship and Democratic Doubt Bob Pepperman Taylor
American Battleship at Peace and War Jonathan Utley
Indian Orphanages Marilyn Irvin Holt
Kansas Breeding Bird Atlas William H Busby
Great New York Conspiracy of 1741 Peter Charles Hoffer
Impeaching Clinton Nicol C Rae


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