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These books were on display at Ablah Library from March 2007 to April 2007.

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Ablah Basie, Gillespie, Coltrane  (video recording) Jazz Casual Productions
Music Billie Holiday: The complete Commodore recordings (sound recording) Billie Holiday
Ablah Billie Holiday Companion Leslie Gourse
Ablah Bird: The Complete Charlie Parker on Verve Charlie Parker
Ablah Birth of Bebop: A Social and Musical History Scott DeVeaux
Music BlackActionFigure (sound recording) Stefon Harris
Music Bud Powell in Europe (video recording) n/a
Ablah Buddy Rich: Live in '78 (video recording) David Peck and Philiop Galloway
Ablah Calle 54 (video recording) Fabienne Servan Schreibner
Music Charlie Parker: The Complete Savoy and Dial Studio Recordings (sound recording) n/a
Music Charlie Parker Companion Carl Woideck
Ablah Chet Baker: His life and music J. de Valk
Ablah Chet Baker: Live in '64 and '79 (video recording) David Peck and Philiop Gallaway
Music Clifford Brown Memorial Album (sound recording) n/a
Music Cloud of Red Dust (sound recording) Stefon Harris
Ablah Complete Blue Note Recordings (sound recording) n/a
Ablah Complete Ella Fitzgerald Song Books (sound recording) n/a
Ablah Complete Hot Five and Hot Seven Recordings (sound recording) Louis Armstrong
Music Complete Verve Roy Eldridge Studio Sessions(sound recording) n/a
Music Complete Norman Granz Jam Sessions (sound recording) n/a
Ablah Cuban Fire: The saga of salsa and Latin jazz Isabelle Leymarie
Ablah Cuban Pianists: The history of Latin jazz (video recording) n/a
Ablah Dance of the Infidels: A portrait of Bud Powell Francis Paudras
Ablah Dizzy Gillespie: Live in '58 and '70 (video recording) David Peck and Philiop Gallaway
Music Duke's Diary Ken Vail
Music Early Jazz: Its roots and musical development Gunther Schuller
Ablah Ella Fitzgerald: Live in '57 and '63 (video recording) David Peck and Philiop Gallaway
Music Ella Fitzgerald: Something to Live For (video recording) n/a
Ablah Ella Fitzgerald Companion Leslie Gourse
Ablah Eric Dolphy: A musical biography and discography Vladimir Simosko and Barry Tepperman
Ablah Fats Waller Maurice Waller and Anthony Calabrese
Ablah Four Jazz Lives A.B. Spellman
Music Free for All (sound recording) Art Blakely and the Jazz Messengers
Ablah Free Jazz Ekkhard Jost
Ablah Golden Age of Jazz William P. Gottlieb
Ablah Grand Unification Theory (sound recording) Stefon Harris
Music Herbie Hancock (video recording) n/a
Ablah History of Jazz Ted Gioia
Music Humidity Matt Wilson Quartet
Ablah It's about That Time: Miles Davis on and off record Richard Cook
Ablah Jammin' at the Margins: Jazz and the American cinema Krin Gabbard
Ablah Jazz at Massey Hall (sound recording) n/a
Ablah Jazz Planet E. Taylor Atkins
Music John Coltrane (video recording) n/a
Music John Coltrane Companion Carl Woideck
Music John Coltrane: Four Tenors (video recording) n/a
Ablah Ken Burns Jazz: the story of America's music (sound recording) n/a
Music Kindred (sound recording) Stefon Harris, Jack Terrasson
Ablah Last of the Blue Devils (video recording) John Arnoldy and Bruce Ricker
Ablah Latin Jazz: the first of the fusions, 1880's to today John Storm Roberts
Ablah Latin Tinge: the impact of Latin American music on the United States John Storm Roberts
Music Lee Morgan: his life, music and culture Tom Perchard
Music Lester Young, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis (video recording) n/a
Ablah Live in '62: Reelin' in the years (video recording) n/a
Ablah Louis Armstrong: Live in '59  (video recording) David Peck and Philiop Gallaway
Ablah Louis Armstrong: the definitive biography Ilse Storb
Ablah Louis Armstrong and Earl Hines, 1928 (sound recording) n/a
Ablah Louis Armstrong Companion Joshua Berrett
Ablah Love Supreme (sound recording) John Coltrane
Ablah Miles Davis and John Coltrane (sound recording) n/a
Music Miles Davis Chronicle: The Complete Prestige Recordings, 1951-1956 (sound recording) n/a
Ablah Mister Jelly Roll, the Fortunes of Jelly Roll Morton, New Orleans Creole and Inventor of Jazz David Stone Martin
Ablah Monterey Jazz Festival '75 (video recording) n/a
Ablah Moodswing (sound recording) Joshua Redman
Ablah Music is my Mistress Edward Kennedy Ellington
Ablah Music of Black Americans: a history n/a
Music Original Decca Recordings, 1944-1950 (sound recording) Billie Holiday
Ablah Oscar Peterson: the will to swing Gene Lees
Music Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (sound recording) Louis Armstrong
Ablah Quincy Jones: Live in '60 (video recording) David Peck and Philiop Gallway
Music Sarah Vaughan: The Divine One (video recording) BMG Vi
Ablah Satchmo: The Louis Armstrong Encyclopedia Michael Meckna
Ablah Satchmo (video recording) Louis Armstrong
Ablah Satchmo Blows up the World: Jazz Ambassadors play the Cold War Penny M. Von Eschen
Ablah Singing Jazz: The singers and their styles Bruce Crowther and Mike Pinfold
Music Sonny, Please (sound recording) Sonny Rollins
Ablah Spirit of the Moment (sound recording) Joshua Redman Quartet
Ablah Stormy Weather: the music and lives of a century of jazz women Linda Dahl
Ablah Straight, No Chaser: the life and genius of Thelonious Monk Leslie Gourse
Ablah Swing Era: The development of Jazz Gunther Schuller
Ablah Swing, swing, swing: the life and times of Benny Goodman Ross Firestone
Ablah Thelonious Monk: Straight, No Chaser  (video recording) Charlotte Zwerin
Ablah Thelonious Monk: Live in '66 (video recording) n/a
Music Thelonious Monk Quartet with John Coltrane at Carnegie Hall (sound recording) n/a
Ablah Treat it Gentle Joan Reid, Desmond Flower, and John Ciardi
Ablah Uptown Conversation: The new Jazz Studies Robert G. O'Meally, Brent Hayes Edwards, and Farah Jasmine Griffin
Music Wake Up! to what's happening (sound recording) Matt Wilson Arts and Crafts
Music What Is This Thing Called Jazz?: African American Musicians as artists, critics, and individuals Eric Porter
Music Wish (sound recording) Josh Redman
Music Without a Song: the 9/11 concert (sound recording) Sonny Rollins
Music Young and Fine live! (video recording) Weather Report


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