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Cosmological Enigmas: pulsars, quasars, and other deep-space questions Mark Kidger
Biography of the dollar: how the mighty buck conquered the world and why it's under siege Craig Karmin
Closing the Circle: a practical guide to implementing literacy reform, K-12 Sean A. Walmsley
Longevity revolution: the benefits and challenges of living a long life Robert N. Butler
Talking with the clay: the art of Pueblo pottery in the 21st Century Stephen Trimble
Her Turn: why it's time for women to lead in America Vicki Donlan and Helen French Graves
Who owns your health?: medical professionalism and the market state Thomas Faunce
Genderwatch: still watching Kate Myers, Hazel Taylor, Sue Adler, Diana Leonard
Me, MySpace, and I: parenting the net generation Larry D. Rosen
Violence and serious theft: development and prediction from childhood to adulthood Rolf Loeber
Lost children of Wilder: the epic struggle to change foster care Nina Bernstein
Find anyone fast Richard S. Johnson, Debra Johnson Knox
Billion Lives: An eyewitness report from the frontlines of humanity Jan Egeland
Future Almost Arrived: How Jimmy Carter failed to change US foreign policy Itai Nartzizenfield Sneh
Six Degrees: our future on a hotter planet Mark Lynas
Evolution of family patterns and indirect therapy with adolescents Giorgio Nardone, Emanuela Gionnati, Rita Rocchi
Language, Culture, and Community in teacher education Maria Estela Brisk
Supreme Neglect: how to revive constitutional protection for private property Richard Epstein
Future directions for heterodox economics John T. Harvey, Robert F. Garnett Jr.
Alternative Media Handbook Kate Coyer, Tony Dowmunt, Alan Fountain
From genes to genomes: concepts and applications of DNA technology Jeremy Dale, Malcolm von Schantz
Religious Liberty in America: The first amendment in historical and contemporary perspective Bruce T. Murray
Student Voice in School Reform: building youth-adult partnerships that strengthen schools and empower youth Dana L Mitra
Religion and Teaching Ronald D Anderson
End of Ethics in a Technological Society Lawrence E Schmidt, Scott Marratto
Destination Space: Making science fiction a reality Kenny Kemp
Civic education for diverse citizens in global times: rethinking theory and practice Beth Rubin, James Giarelli
Transforming Library service through information commons: case studies for the digital age D. Russell Bailey, Barbara Gunter Tierney
Toward a 21st Century School Library Media Program Esther Rosenfeld, David Loertscher
Eating Disorders in Athletes Joaquin Dosil
Red Book: The extinction crisis face to face Amie Brautigam, Martin D. Jenkins, George B. Rabb, et al
Molecules that changed the world K.C. Nicolaou, T. Montagnon
Five future strategies you need right now George Stalk
Beauty Bites Beast: awakening the warrior within women and girls Ellen Snortland
Books on Fire: the destruction of libraries throughout history Lucien X Polastron
Brand Engagement: how employees make or break brands Ian P Buckingham
Bridge at the end of the world: capitalism, the environment, and crossing from crisis to sustainability James Gustave Speth
International Ethics: concepts, theories, and cases in global politics Mark R Amstutz
Traveling Spirit Masters: Moroccan Gnawa trance and music in the global marketplace Deborah Kapchan
Commodity Prices and development Roman Grynberg and Samantha Newton


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