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     Connie Basquez
     Phone: 978-5014

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Nan Myers
     Connie Basquez
     Cathy Moore-Jansen
     Marlene Hoglund

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Main Exhibit
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Current Best Books of the Decade

Featured Titles List

Reserve Book Exhibit
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Current Book Awards Nominees and Winners, 2007
  Upcoming Readings on Campus
  WSU Tenure Awardees: What They Read

Special Collections Exhibits

Exterior Exhibit
Location in the Library )


Land of Promise, Land of Destiny: The Allure of Kansas, 1855-1859


Interior Exhibits
(Inside Special Collections)

Current Willa Cather:  Viewing the Landscape of Her Literary World
Selected World War II Posters, including the "Four Freedoms" by Norman Rockwell


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