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Outline of Sources
I.   Works on Countries
       A.    Multi-Country
       B.    Single Country
       C.    Statistical
II.   Individual Company focused
       A.    Directories
       B.    In-Depth Information of Individual Companies
III.   Indexes to Information
IV.   General World Economy
V.    International Trade
        A.    U. S. Government Produced
        B.    International Organizations
VI.   Indexes to Statistical Information
VII.  Miscellaneous Directories



World Factbook (Annual)

Most current issue in Government Documents Reference; older issues in Government Documents Stack at SuDoc Number: PrEx3.15[YEAR].
Permanent Catalog Link:

Web Address:;
Web Address (via NTDB, on-campus/off-campus with PIN): 85e140505600107b852566490063411d?OpenView (Select World Fact Book).
The work includes one-page economic, social, political, and demographic descriptions for every nation in the world plus descriptions of dependent areas (e.g. Puerto Rico). It also describes areas such as the West Bank and Antarctica. Particularly useful is the one-page summary for "The World."

Deutsche Bank Research
Web Address:

Offers statistics and country profiles through "Country Infobase." This site offers some useful information and can be used as a complement to the World Factbook. Similar to the World Factbook, it offers country descriptions but from a bank's perspective. 


International Monetary Fund
Web Address:

Offers data and statistics from their web site in addition to recent news, key issues, featured events, and happenings.


Europa World Year Book (Annual)
Most current issue in Quick Reference; older issues on 3rd Floor at call number: JN 1 E85.
Permanent Catalog Link:
This two volume work presents detailed factual information about every country in the world. More than 1600 principal international organizations are described in detail. General and statistical surveys are provided for each country, along with details on its constitution, government, political parties, religions, legal systems, radio and television stations, newspapers, publishers, finance, trade and industry, atomic energy capacities, transport and tourism industry, and educational systems. NOTE: Volumes 1 and 2 are published at different times of the year.

Regional Surveys of the World (published by Europa) (9 volumes)
Most current editions on Index Table 5; may also be located with a Title Search in the Library Catalog.
These works provide an in-depth profile of a country's history with a focus on recent events, a statistical survey which includes data on many areas, including population, agriculture, forestry, and finance. The Directory section offers contact information on government political organizations, the press, publishers, radio and television systems, banks, and transport services. The Economy section provides extensive economic information (both narrative and statistical).
The individual titles in the series:

    Africa South of the Sahara (call number: DT 351.A37) Permanent Catalog Link:
    Central and South-Eastern Europe (call number: HC 244.A1 C46) Permanent Catalog Link: 

    Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia (call number HC 244.A1 E293) Permanent Catalog Link: 
    The Far East and Australasia (call number: DS 1.F3) Permanent Catalog Link: 
    The Middle East and North Africa (call number: DS49 .M5) Permanent Catalog Link: 
    South America, Central America, and the Caribbean (call number: F 1401.S68) Permanent Catalog Link: 
    South Asia (call number: DS331 .S647) Permanent Catalog Link: 
    USA and Canada (call number: E 31.U54) Permanent Catalog Link: 

    Western Europe (call number: HC 240.W415) Permanent Catalog Link: 

Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life (4 volumes)
Index Table 5; call number: GN 333 W67 1998. Permanent Catalog Link:
This encyclopedia includes over 500 articles on individual cultures. Entries are arranged first by geographic region, then by culture. A listing of all cultures by country is included in each geographically centered volume. Entries are composed in a standard format, with a brief introduction, then sections on location and homeland; language; folklore; religion; major holidays; rites of passage; interpersonal relations; living conditions; family life; clothing; food; education; cultural heritage; work; sports; entertainment and recreation; folk arts, crafts, and hobbies; social problems; and a bibliography.

Peoples of the World (7 volumes)
General Collection at individual call numbers; may also be located with a Title Search by title or series name in the Library Catalog.
These works include a concise description of people groups, covering key facts on population, language and location and describe where the people live and examine the influence of topography, climate, and natural resources on cultural developments. They trace the origins of the people, their immigration and migration, ties to homelands and relationships with governing bodies. They also cover family structure, education, industry, religion and the arts.
Individual titles in the series:

    Africans South of the Sahara (call number: GN 645.M6) Permanent Catalog Link: 
    Asians and Pacific Islanders (call number: GN 308.3.A83 M6) Permanent Catalog Link: 
    Eastern Europe and the Post-Soviet Republics (call number: DJK 26.M67) Permanent Catalog Link: 
    Latin Americans (call number: F 1408.3.M84) Permanent Catalog Link: 
    Middle East and North Africa (call number: DS 58.M67) Permanent Catalog Link: 
    North Americans (call number: E 49.M67) Permanent Catalog Link: 
    Western Europeans (call number: GN 575.M68) Permanent Catalog Link: 

General Collection at call number: GT 150 C85. Permanent Catalog Link: 
Summarizes unique customs, values, traditions and lifestyles within a country in a four page analysis of each country. Examines such items as greeting customs, etiquette when visiting homes and restaurants, significance of gestures, language, religion, holidays, and provides general information on the country's history, infrastructure, and economy.

Exporters' Encyclopaedia
Most current edition on Index Table 5; older editions on 3rd Floor at call number: HF 3011 E9. Permanent Link: 
A definitive resource for every aspect of exporting as well as for travel, communications, and general research on more than 200 foreign markets, covering topics ranging from import licensing and exchange regulations to documentation requirements. Arranged in six section, the majority of the work is Section II: Export Markets. "Country regions" are arranged alphabetically and individually profiled, covering such topics as climate, population, language, currency, transportation, communications, key contacts, trade regulations, documentation, special restrictions, marketing data, and business travel.

Regional Encyclopedia of Business and Management (4 volumes)
Index Table; call number: HF 1001 R44. Permanent Link: 
Each volume is made up of three parts. Part one deals with general themes such as the overall state of manufacturing. Part two covers specialized themes relevant to the region such as accounting, banking and finance, human resource management, etc. Part three consists of country profiles with definitions and analysis of management within each country. Each chapter includes coverage on the management traditions, infrastructure and managerial styles of that particular country.
The four volumes included in this set include:

Management in the Americas
Management in Asia and the Pacific
Management in the Emerging Countries
Management in Europe


Area Handbook Series
Located in Government Documents Stacks at SuDoc Number: D101.22:550-no. May also be located with a title search in the Library Catalog.
Web Address (via Library of Congress):
Issued by the Department of the Army, this series provides detailed analyses of the social, political, and economic institutions of most of the countries of the world. Each volume contains an extensive bibliography. It was formerly called the Area Handbook series until the late 1970's, when the present series title was adopted.

International Marketing Research Reports
Web Address (via STATUSA/NTDB, on-campus/off-campus with PIN):
These reports are prepared by the Department of Commerce's International Trade Administration. They provide detailed information on a commodity or industry within a single country. Extremely useful if often somewhat dated.

Country Commercial Guides (series)
Link to may also be found with a Title Search in the Library Catalog. Permanent Catalog Link:
Web Address (via STATUSA/NTDB, on-campus/off-campus with PIN):
These guides were created by the merging of two long running publications of the Department of Commerce's International Trade Administration, namely Foreign Economic Trends (FET) and Oversees Business Reports (OBR). Roughly 50 "pages" in length, they each follow a standard format, and provide basic information on a country's economic trends and outlook, political environment, marketing U.S. products and services, leading sectors for U.S. exports and investments, trade regulations and standards, investment climate, and trade and project financing. Statistical appendices include: country data, domestic economy, trade, investment statistics, U.S. and country contacts, available marketing research, and trade event schedule.

Country Briefings (continuously updated)
Web Address (via The Economist):
Each country has a profile including forecasts, a fact sheet, economic data, information of the country’s economic structure and political structure and forces. Also included are backgrounders and links to additional web sites dealing with the country. Recent articles from the The Economist are included. For the full text of older articles of The Economist, use Business and Company Resource Center article search.

OECD Economic Surveys (series)
May be located with a Title Search in the Library Catalog.
These surveys on economic developments in each of the 24 Member countries and Yugoslavia provide detailed analyses of recent developments in demand, production, employment, prices and wages, conditions in the money and capital markets, and developments in the balance of payments. They include short-term forecasts as well as analyses of medium-term problems which are of special relevance for the country's economic policies at the time of the review.

Background Notes (series)
Located in Government Documents Stacks at SuDoc Number: S1.123:[no.]. May also be located with a Title Search in the Library Catalog.
Web Address (via STATUSA/NTDB, on-campus/off-campus with PIN): 85e140505600107b852566490063411d?OpenView (select "Country Background Notes").
Issued by the Department of State, these short factual pamphlets about various countries people, history, government, political conditions, economy, and foreign relations. Maps and tables are also included.

Post Report (series)
Located in Government Documents Stacks at SuDoc Number: S1.127:[no.]. May also be located with a Title Search in the Library Catalog.
This series is issued by the Department of State and is designed to acquaint new foreign service personnel with important information about the host country and the city in which they will be serving. Topics covered include: area, geography, and climate; population; transportation; communications; health and medicine; employment opportunities for spouses and dependents; life at the post in specific cities; customs, duties and passage; banking and currency; weights and measures; taxes; and national and local holidays. Each volume also includes a list of references for additional information about the country, as well as a street map of the area in which the U.S. embassy or chancery is located.

Information guide (Price, Waterhouse & Co.) (series)
May be located with a Title Search in the Library Catalog..
Individual volumes begin with the title "Doing Business In" and focus on the economic situation of a country, general areas covered include structure and operation of business enterprises, investment law, foreign trading practices, and taxation.

Foreign Labor Trends (series)
Current Edition in Government Documents at SuDoc Number: L29.16. May also be located with a Title Search in the Library Catalog.
Web address: for older issues
Web Address (via STAT USA/NTDB, on-campus/off-campus with PIN):
This publication is produced by the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of International Labor Affairs. Each volume considers a specific country, and includes statistics on key labor indicators. Individual narrative sections deal with a summary of labor conditions, a country and labor background, and highlights and developments of the previous year. A directory of trade organizations for the country is also included.
Most current issues linked from the U.S. Department of Labor:

    Foreign Labor Trends Report: India 2006
    Foreign Labor Trends Report: United Kingdom 2006
    Foreign Labor Trends Report: Uzbekistan 2006


Penn World Tables 6.1
Web Address:
The Penn World Table provides purchasing power parity and national income accounts converted to international prices for 179 countries for some or all of the years 1950-2000. The European Union or the OECD provide more detailed purchasing power and real product estimates for their countries and the World Bank makes current price estimates for most PWT countries at the GDP level. CHASS only provides access to the data; we are not involved in the collection or maintenance of the data. Cite the data as follows: Alan Heston, Robert Summers and Bettina Aten, Penn World Table Version 6.2, Center for International Comparisons of Production, Income and Prices at the University of Pennsylvania, September 2006.

Publications by Euromonitor International:
International Marketing Data and Statistics
. Permanent Catalog Link: 
World Economic Factbook. Permanent Catalog Link: 
Most current editions on Index Table 5.
These Euromonitor resources offer a wealth of international business statistics. Euromonitor's international resources focus primarily on Asia, North and South America. There is also some limited coverage of African and Middle Eastern Countries. From information about trading partners to consumption rates of products, the Euromonitor is a worthwhile international statistical resource.

European Marketing Data and Statistics
Most current edition on Index Table 5; call number: HA 1107 E87. Permanent Catalog Link: 
Also see Business & Company Resource Center at
EMDAS is a compendium of statistical information on the countries of Western and Eastern Europe. The data coverage includes a considerable number of ten- and eleven-year trends, which permit the analysis of socio-economic trends over a long time span as a basis for forecasting. In addition to reporting on major European countries, the country coverage also includes smaller European countries and principalities. The data are presented in spreadsheet form and a number of extrapolated tables have been included, together with graphs, marketing maps and diagrams.

International Marketing Data and Statistics
Most current edition on Index Table 5; older editions on 3rd Floor at call number: HA 42 I56. Permanent Catalog Link: 
Also see Business & Company Resource Center at
IMDAS is a compendium of statistical information on the countries of the Americas, Asia, Africa, and Oceania. The sections of IMDAS cover a wide variety of marketing topics, rending from socio-economic trends and background information through to key consumer marketing parameters. There are also sections covering consumer expenditure, retailing, advertising, consumer market sizes and household composition. In addition to major country coverage smaller international countries and states are included. The final section includes spreadsheets showing consolidated key parameters for fourteen major sub-regions with comparisons with the major European economic entities.

Demographic Yearbook (published by the United Nations (UN))
Most current edition on Index Table 5; older editions on 3rd Floor at call number: HA 17 D45. Permanent Catalog Link:
Some information also available at:
This yearbook covers statistics on population, births, deaths, life expectancy, marriages, divorces, and other demographic data for some 250 countries. The entries are very detailed and include the sources of the data, as most countries report such statistics sporadically. There are also special topic tables with the subjects covered varying in each yearbook. This source is slow in being published.

Statistical Yearbook (published by the UN)
Most current edition on Index Table 5; older editions on 3rd Floor at call number: HA 12.5 U63. Permanent Catalog Link: 
Some information also available at:
This comprehensive compendium of statistical data covers more than 150 countries worldwide and encompasses a wide range of economic and social subjects. It consists chiefly of statistical tables, with explanatory notes in English and French. Following an informative world summary there are tables on general socio-economic statistics (population and manpower); national accounts; wages, prices, and consumption; government sector statistics, balance of payments; finance; health; education; culture; science and technology; development assistance; housing, and industrial property; and statistics of basic economic activity. Included in the appendix are international comparisons of gross domestic product for 60 countries in international dollars. This source is slow in being published.

Main Economic Indicators (OECD) (published monthly)
Most current issue on Index Table 5; issues from recently past months unbound in Reading Room; Older issues bound on 3rd Floor at call number: Per HC 10 O68. Permanent Catalog Link: 
This publication is designed to provide at a glance a picture of the most recent changes in the economy of the OECD countries, and a collection of international statistics on the economic developments affecting the OECD area in the past few years. The indicators selected cover national accounts, industrial production, deliveries, stocks and orders, construction, internal trade, labor, prices, domestic and foreign finance, interests, and trade and payments.

International Financial Statistics Yearbook (published by the International Monetary Fund (IMF)) (Monthly, with Annual Yearbook)
Most current issue on Index Table 5; older issues monthly and annual volumes on 3rd Floor at call number: HG 3881 I63. Permanent Catalog Link: 
The monthly issues provide a standard source of international statistics on all aspects of international and domestic finance. It reports, for most countries of the world, current data needed in the analysis of problems of international payments and of inflation and deflation, i.e., data on exchange rates, international liquidity, money and banking, international transactions, prices, production, government finance, interest rates, and other items. Information is presented in country tables and in tables of area and world aggregates. The yearbook, usually published in September, contains available annual data for up to 35 years for countries appearing in the monthly issues.

Government Finance Statistics Yearbook (published by IMF) (Monthly, with Annual Yearbook)
Most current issue on Index Table 5; older issues on 3rd Floor at call number: HA 40 F5 G59. Permanent Catalog Link: 
A standard reference source on governments of Fund member countries, the yearbook provides information on the various units of government, government accounts, the enterprises and financial institutions that governments own and control, and the national sources of data on government operations. Detailed statistical tables are presented on central government revenue, grants, expenditure, lending, financing, and debt. Derivation tables show the national sources drawn upon for detailed adjustments necessary to derive the principal aggregates in the format published in the yearbook. This source is usually published in December.

National accounts of OECD countries. Volume 1: Main Aggregates (OECD)
Most current edition in Folio Reference Stacks; older editions on 3rd Floor at call number: Folio HC 79 I5 N375. Permanent Catalog Link: 
The 1990 edition contains graphs for each OECD country showing GDP, private and government final consumption expenditure, and gross fixed capital formation; tables for each country showing the main aggregates in national currencies and a set of comparative tables in U.S. dollars.

National accounts of OECD countries. Volume 2: Detailed Tables (OECD)
Most current edition in Folio Reference Stacks; older editions on 3rd Floor at call number: Folio HC 79 I5 N376. Permanent Catalog Link: 
Includes main aggregates; private final consumption expenditure by type and purpose; gross fixed capital information by kind of activity and by type of goods and owner; government outlays by function and type; accounts for various levels of government and for social security funds; accounts for non-financial and financial corporate and quasi-corporate enterprises; accounts for household, business, non-profit and financial sectors; accounts for external transactions and capital finance; gross domestic product by activity; profit shares and rates of return on capital; and employment by kind of activity.

Quarterly National Accounts (OECD) (published quarterly)
Most current issue on Index Table 5; recently past months unbound in Reading Room; older issues bound on 3rd Floor at call number: Per HC 79 I5 O7B. Permanent Catalog Link: 
Brings together the latest national income statistics from the USA and other OECD countries. Three standard tables are shown for each country: GDP in purchases values, financing and composition of gross capital formation, and private consumption expenditure.



Dun & Bradstreet Principal International Businesses
Most current edition on Index Table 5; older editions on 3rd Floor at call number: HF 54 U5 P74. Permanent Catalog Link: 
This directory includes information on over 56,000 major companies in over 130 countries. Three color-coded sections are included: Geographical (white pages); Industry Classification, i.e., SIC Number (yellow), and Alphabetical Company Name Listing (blue pages). For the geographical listing each entry includes the company's DUNS Number, an import/export indicator, the business name, its address, cable/telex number, number of employees and sales, and principle SIC numbers. Within the industry classification section businesses are first listed by SIC code, then alphabetically by country, city, and name. An alphabetical listing is provided in the last section.

Directory of American Firms Operating in Foreign Countries (Triennial)
Most current issue on Index Table 5: older issues on 3rd Floor at call number: HG4538 A1 D5. Permanent Catalog Link: 
This three volume work lists over 2,600 U.S. corporations that have some 19,000 subsidiaries and affiliates in over 120 countries. Volume 1 lists U.S. firms that have operations oversees. The entries consist of the company name, address, chief officer, number of employees, and the names of the countries in which the company operates. Volumes 2 and 3 contain a listing by country of American firms' foreign operations.

Directory of Foreign Firms Operating in the United States (Triennial)
Most current issue on Index Table 5; older issues on 3rd Floor at call number: HG4057 A21943. Permanent Catalog Link: 
This work lists over 1,600 foreign firms in over 50 countries and nearly 2,700 businesses in the U.S. under foreign ownership. Only the American headquarters or one major location of each subsidiary or affiliate is listed. The basic arrangement is by country. Within each country the foreign firms are listed alphabetically together with the American firms owned wholly or in part. Separate indexes are provided for foreign firms and American affiliates.

Directory of Foreign Manufacturers in the United States
Most current edition on Index Table 5; older editions on 3rd Floor at call number: T12 D5974. Permanent Catalog Link: 
Entries are arranged alphabetically by the name of the U.S. company. A company is considered foreign owned if its ultimate parent owns 10% or more of the company. The directory is indexed by state, parent companies, country of parent company, and four-digit SIC code.


Mergent Online (electronic database)
This is a fully searchable database of 15,000 U.S. public companies (active and inactive) listed on the NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ, and includes corporate information for 20,000 non-U.S. companies. Fifteen years is the standard time frame for the financial data provided. Each company report also includes up-to-the-minute news items, a company description (narrative with SIC and NAICS information), and information on a company’s executives, property, capital stock (dividends and splits) and long-term debt (bonds and notes). Financial information may be downloaded utilizing software applications such as Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel or Adobe® Acrobat® Reader®.

International Directory of Company Histories
Available through Business and Company Resource Center (via INFOTRAC). Web Address (on-campus/off-campus with PIN):
This multi volume work includes entries on over 2,000 companies with minimum annual sales of US$200 million. Entries average three pages in length, and provide a detailed history of the corporation and a brief bibliography. In addition, each entry includes the company's legal name, the address of its headquarters, its telephone number and fax number, and a statement of public, private, state, or parent ownership.

Forbes (magazine)
Most current issues may be found in the Library at call number: Per HF 5001 F6. Permanent Catalog Link: 
Latest issue at publisher URL:

May also be found in Business and Company Resource Center.
Special features of the online version of Forbes includes the following lists at  Forbes 500, 200 Best Small Companies, 400 Best Big Companies, 500 Largest Private Companies, the Global 2000, and International 500.


Fortune (magazine)
May be found in the Library at call number: Per HF 5001 F7. Permanent Catalog Link: 
Latest issue at publisher URL:
May also be found in LexisNexis Academic and Business and Company Resources Center.

Special issues of this periodical include: Fortune 500 (April), Global 500 (July), Best Companies to Work For, and 100 Fastest Growing Companies.


Business & Company Resource Center (electronic resource)
Web Address (on-campus/off-campus with PIN):
Business & Company Resource Center indexes over 950 business periodicals. These include scholarly journals, general business magazines, trade publications, and local business publications. The full text of articles is available for roughly half the titles indexed. The full image (via Adobe Acrobat) is also available for many titles. In addition, citations and full text articles may be emailed to user provided address. BCRC also includes detailed company histories, investment reports, company rankings, and industry overviews.

ABI/INFORM (electronic resource)
Web Address (on-campus/off-campus with PIN):
ABI/INFORM provides both indexing to over 800 business and trade journals and for each entry an abstract of the article indexed. The full text of approximately half of the indexed items is available. Individual words and phrases may be searched for in the titles of articles or in their abstracts. This allows for information on very detailed concepts and rarely mentioned companies to be located quickly. Results may be downloaded or emailed to a user provided address.


Country by Country (published by The Economist Intelligence Unit)
Most current edition on Index Table 5; older editions on 3all number: HF 5003 E36x. Permanent Catalog Link: 
Brings together, in one volume, detailed forecasts of the political and economic trends in over 165 countries. The countries are grouped regionally but covered separately for easy reference. Fully tabulated throughout, each country has a comprehensive six year series of macroeconomic indicators. Numerical GDP forecasts are given for all OECD economies and other selected countries. [Formerly entitled World Outlook.]

World Economic Outlook (published by IMF)
Most current edition on Index Table 5; older editions on 3rd Floor at call number: HC 10 W7979. Permanent Catalog Link: 
This source is a blend of individual country insights a swell as global perspectives. It consists of several chapters, supported by supplementary notes as background documentation, and a statistical appendix. The report discusses the problems of balance of payments adjustment by the major groups of countries, the key policy options available to them, issues of inflation and interest rates, debt, and capital flows, and features detailed scenarios for the evolution of the world economy over the medium term under various policy options.

World Economic and Social Survey (published by the UN)
Most current edition on Index Table 5; older editions on 3rd Floor at call number: HC 59 A169. Permanent Catalog Link: 
The World Economic Survey is the analysis by the United Nations Secretariat of current trends, emerging issues and main policies in the global economy. The survey reviews recent developments, paying particular attention to their consequences in the medium term. It focuses on the financial transfers of developing countries; and the role of interest rates as a key parameter in the world economy.

World Development Report (published by World Bank)
Most current edition on Index Table 5; older editions on 3rd Floor at call number: HC 59.7 W659. Permanent Catalog Link: 
This publication examines the effects of foreign trade on the pace and scale of industrialization. The report considers four principal sets of issues: namely, what conditions in the world economy support industrialization efforts of the developing countries?; what is the role of government in bringing about efficient industrialization?; how have countries accomplished reform of their trade and other policies in such a way as to lead to efficient industrialization?; and how can developing countries respond to the growing pressure on the governments of industrial countries to protect their domestic industries?

Economic Survey of Europe (published by the UN)
Index Table 5; older editions on 3rd Floor at call number: HC 240 A1. Permanent Catalog Link: 
Issued annually since 1948, The Survey is an internationally recognized economic report. It ranks among the most highly regarded analyses of trends and provides an outlook for the future. Covering a wide range of research, it records the changing pattern and output in Europe, Canada, and the United States.

OECD Economic Outlook
Most current issue on Index Table 5; recently past months unbound in Reading Room; Older issues bound on 3rd Floor at call number: Per HB 1 O7x. Permanent Link: 
Web Address (on-campus/off-campus with PIN):
The OECD Economic Outlook surveys the latest economic developments in the OECD area and assesses policies and future prospects making use of an internationally-consistent set of quantitative forecasts, includes analysis and projections of real growth, evolution of domestic demand, costs and prices, employment and productivity, unemployment, foreign trade, and developments in major groups of non-OECD countries.



National Trade Data Bank
Web Address (via NTDB, on-campus/off-campus with PIN):
The National Trade Data Bank includes the most recent trade promotion, "how-to", and international economic data from over 15 Federal Agencies. The entire NTDB consists of over 200,000 documents, tables and time series. The introduction screen presents, by general categories, major files available in the National Trade Data Bank. Click on "The International Trade Library" link at the bottom of this introductory screen to link to the various search engines available in the NTDB. These search engines provide the ability to search NTDB by program name (i.e. Country Commercial Guides, Background Notes); by source agency (i.e. the CIA, Department of State); by country; and by product.

Trade Data Online
Web address (via Strategis):
Trade Data Online is made available via the Canadian Government's Strategis information system. Data included is taken from the U.S. federal government's STAT-USA information system. The system provides information on the value of imports and exports to and from the U.S. or Canada and 200 countries for over 5,000 commodities for the latest five years. It is searchable by SIC Code, and includes a keyword searchable thesaurus for identifying SIC Codes. Data can also be displayed in graphical form.

U.S. Foreign Trade Highlights
Web Address (via NTDB, on-campus/off-campus with PIN): 85e140505600107b852566490063411d?OpenView (Select "National Export Directory")
This publication provides data on U.S. international trade in goods and services. Emphasis is on goods trade: aggregate exports and imports, U.S. commodity and country/regional trade balances, and shifts in the commodity composition of U.S. exports and imports with major trading partners and regions. This report is the only U.S. Department of Commerce publication that provides detailed commodity data for exports and imports that are consistent over time.


International Trade Statistics Yearbook
Most current issue in Reference Stacks; older issues on 3rd Floor at call number: JX 1977 A2 ST/STAT/SER.G/. Permanent Catalog Link: 
These two volumes offer basic information on the external trade performances of individual countries. Information is examined in terms of overall trends in current value, value and price, the importance of trading partners, and the significance of individual commodities imported and exported. Volume I contains detailed data for individual countries along with basic summary tables showing the contribution of the trade of each country to its region and the world. Volume II covers price and price indexes and provides commodity tables illustrating total world trade of certain commodities analyzed by regions and countries.

Direction of Trade Statistics Yearbook (published by IMF)
Most current issues on Index Table 5; older issues on 3rd Floor at call number: HF 91 I65. Permanent Catalog Link: 
This publication provides data on the country and area distribution of countries; exports and imports as reported by themselves or by their partners. The yearbook issue gives seven years of data for about 160 countries and two sets of world and area summaries; world and area trade as seen by the reporting countries and as seen by the partner countries to those transactions. Usually published in July.

Balance of Payments Statistics (published by IMF)
Most current issues on Index Table 5; older issues on 3rd Floor at call number: HF 1014 I6. Permanent Catalog Link: 
This publication consists of monthly issues and a two-part yearbook (usually produced in December) containing balance of payments statistics for about 135 countries. The monthly issues contain aggregate monthly, quarterly, semiannual data, and for countries that have made changes in their balance of payments methodology, detailed presentations of annual data and explanatory notes.


American Statistics Index (ASI) (published by Congressional Information Service (CIS)) (monthly)
Location: Government Documents Reference at call number: Z 7554 U5 A46. Permanent Catalog Link: 
Data published in any of the publications of the executive, legislative, or judicial branches of the federal government can be located. ASI is published in two parts: an index section correlates to a separate abstract section. Data is indexed by subject, name, and type of data. Each index entry cites an accession number that corresponds to a specific publication description in the abstract section. ASI's concise abstracts enable users to evaluate a publication's statistical and narrative content before making any effort to obtain it. Abstracts provide bibliographic data and a description of the subject matter, organization, currency, and sources of the statistical information. Available electronically in LEXIS/NEXIS Statistical Universe at

Index to International Statistics (IIS) (published by CIS)
Location: Government Documents Reference at call number: Z 7552 I53. Permanent Catalog Link: 
IIS covers some 1,700 statistical publications of international inter-governmental organizations annually from approximately 95 issuing sources, including: United Nations main and subsidiary bodies, regional commissions, and specialized agencies; the European Community; the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development; the Organization of American States; and some 35 other IGO's. IIS covers periodicals, annuals, biennials, series, and special studies, and encompasses both official sales publications and less formal, more current "mimeographed documents".


Directory of United States Exporters
Most current edition on Index Table 5; older editions on 3rd Floor at call number: HF3011 E83. Permanent Catalog Link: 
This directory covers some 20,000 companies in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada which exports their own or other companies products, Included are manufacturers, retailers, manufacturers representatives, export buyers, brokers, and agents. Data are collected from the actual customs documents filed at major U.S. and Canadian ports.

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